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Linux News for May 31, 2010

  • Linux Mint 9: A Fresh Spin on Ubuntu (Video Review) (2010-05-31 23:03:09)
    Tech Broiler: "What's the big deal about Linux Mint and why is it so popular among Linux users? It's because that it includes a number of improvements and tweaks that aren't set up out-of-the-box in the base Ubuntu distribution"

  • Spinning off from Ubuntu (2010-05-31 19:03:09)
    The H Open: "But Linux and free software come in many different flavours, and the adventurous user goes in search of wider options, other distributions and new desktops."

  • SeamlessRDP in Ubuntu 10.04 (2010-05-31 15:03:09)
    Hubfolio: "SeamlessRDP promises to integrate your remote Windows desktop seamlessly into you Linux environment. This article show you how to set it up, and also shows you some of its limitations."

  • Washing the windows myths. Service and support. (2010-05-31 11:03:09)
    Technology & Life Integration: "The users and purchasers of microsoft systems are secure in themselves that they have a company behind them to point the bone at when things go wrong."

  • Becoming a Fedora contributor (2010-05-31 07:03:09)
    Ian's Thoughts: "Becoming a Fedora contributor was easier than I expected.... I could hardly believe my eyes, these pages were laying out a step-by-step process that users could follow in order to become a member of a certain Team. "

  • Android 2.2 and Its Previous Versions: A Sweet Developer Review (2010-05-31 03:03:09)
    Developer.com: "The Android platform has really matured in the past year or so. With the latest Android 2.2 SDK just released at Google I/O 2010, we thought it would be fitting to do a little review of how far the platform has come."