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Linux News for Jun 25, 2010

  • Ubuntu Nearing X Server Not Running As Root (Jun 25, 2010, 23:33)
    Phoronix: "Based upon a recent email to the X.Org developers' mailing list, Canonical is nearing the point of one of their goals for Ubuntu 10.10 of a rootless X Server, or being able to run the X.Org Server without root privileges."

  • Preventing session expiration with AJAX (Jun 25, 2010, 23:03)
    Free Software: "Lately I have noticed an increase in issues related to session expiration in web pages. There are two cases that come to mind:"

  • Linux: We Now Build Mini ITX Systems with Linux Installed (Jun 25, 2010, 22:33)
    ERACC: "I am proud to announce that here at ERA Computers & Consulting (ERACC) we have researched the parts needed to build Mini ITX, Tiny PC, systems and are offering a quote option on our sales site. Each of these Tiny PC systems is built to end-user specification."

  • The Three Big Problems With GNU/Linux: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (Jun 25, 2010, 22:03)
    Acrossad: "However, the Industrial Revolution brought about one very negative and unforeseen characteristic, along with the many beneficial ones: the primacy of self."

  • Become a typeface expert with Fontmatrix (Jun 25, 2010, 21:33)
    Worldlabel: "most operating systems attempt to manage fonts for you in an all-or-nothing fashion, through which large collections can slow down application speed, in addition to being tiresome to scroll through. The solution is a good font manager, like the open source Fontmatrix."

  • Critics' Choice: HTC Evo 4G Smartphone Review Roundup (Jun 25, 2010, 21:03)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "The EVO is Sprint's 'super phone,' the ultimate handset for its network. Its modern Android 2.1 OS, stunning design, and 4G power easily take the Editor's Choice crown away from the HTC Touch Pro2."

  • Tech Comics: "The History of Touch Control" (Jun 25, 2010, 20:33)
    Tech Comics:"Touch control works well with computer screens, but not so well with other devices."

  • Opera 10.60 Brings More Than Speed (Jun 25, 2010, 20:03)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "Opera keeps churning out new releases faster than you can say "Vuvuzelas are annoying." With the 10.60 beta, Opera is faster, smarter, location aware, and serving up WebM video"

  • SanDisk's SD card can store data for 100 years (Jun 25, 2010, 19:33)
    Computer World: "SanDisk on Wednesday announced a Secure Digital card that can store data for 100 years, but can be written on only once."

  • A Five-Way Linux Distribution Comparison In 2010 (Jun 25, 2010, 19:03)
    Phoronix: "With many Linux distributions receiving major updates in recent weeks and months we have carried out a five-way Linux distribution comparison of openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, PCLinuxOS, and Arch Linux."

  • Windows fragmentation (Jun 25, 2010, 18:33)
    MyBroadband: "Linux is regularly accused of being too fragmented but Microsoft has its own minefield to navigate."

  • Using Vlookup() (or Hlookup()) in Calc spreadsheets (Jun 25, 2010, 18:03) Training, Tips, and Ideas: "For all you spreadsheet users: here's something kind of cool. Let's say that you have a set of data. You have a list of items, and for every item that there is a unique item number, category number, and packaging type"

  • Nautilus Elementary Simplifies File Browsing [Linux] (Jun 25, 2010, 17:33)
    MakeTechEasier: "Nautilus, the default file manager in Gnome-based Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu and Fedora, isn't exactly pretty to look at. In fact at times it's downright confusing."

  • Google vanishes Android apps from citizen phones (Jun 25, 2010, 17:03)
    The Register: "Google has reached out over the airwaves and removed a pair of applications from users' Android phones, saying the two apps violated its terms of service."

  • How To Make The GIMP's Layout Like Photoshop's. (Jun 25, 2010, 16:33)
    GIMPMan1972: Here is a YouTube video I specifically made to show people how to set-up The GIMP, similar to that of Photoshop's default layout.

  • MySQL INSERT Statement Variations (Jun 25, 2010, 16:03)
    Devx: "The Data Manipulation Language (DML) SELECT...INTO command is unsupported in MySQL. However, MySQL does provide the INSERT...SELECT statement. Rob Gravelle discusses this, and other variations of the INSERT statement."

  • Blogs and Forums using Plone 3 (Jun 25, 2010, 15:33)
    Packt: "In a university, large class sizes limit class discussions and individual attention, while travel budgets limit the number of professional conferences where faculty can present. In this article by Erik Rose, author of the book Plone 3 for Education, we will set up blogs and forums to counter both problems"

  • Slackware Linux 13.1 (Jun 25, 2010, 15:03)
    Jamie's Random Musings: "Anyone with a significant interest in Linux distributions knows about Slackware Linux, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about what it is, where it came from, how it has survived (and generally thrived) through all these years."

  • SCALE moves to larger venue starting in 2011 (Jun 25, 2010, 14:38)
    LinuxPR: In order to accommodate its steady growth over the past few years, the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) will move to its new home, the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, starting with SCALE 9X in 2011

  • Nvidia Releases a Much Improved Video Driver for Linux (Jun 25, 2010, 14:33)
    Softpedia: "After many months of hard work, Nvidia finally announced on June 22nd the final and stable version of the 256.x proprietary driver for Nvidia graphics cards"

  • Mozilla: Our browser will not run native code (Jun 25, 2010, 14:03)
    The Register: "Mozilla vice president of products Jay Sullivan says that unlike Google, the open source outfit has no intention of bundling Firefox with Adobe Flash —– or with a plug-in that runs native code inside the browser."

  • Performing Image Magic with ImageMagick (Jun 25, 2010, 13:33)
    MakeTechEasier: "Whether you know it or not, there's a good chance you've already used ImageMagick, at least if you're a Linux user. It's the image processor behind many graphics-related applications, and for good reason."

  • Privacy Blowup: French, US Officials Home In on Google Street View (Jun 25, 2010, 13:03)
    LinuxInsider: ""I don't know how you do something by accident over three years and in 30 countries," he remarked."

  • Mark Shuttleworth at LinuxTag (Jun 25, 2010, 12:33) "Mark's talk was, indeed, well received from the start. Topics ranged from the familiar (cadence) to issues like quality, with a look at upcoming Ubuntu design features as well. Mark described his (and Ubuntu's) job as taking the great work done by the development community and getting it out there where people can use it."

  • The Froyo Code Drop (Jun 25, 2010, 12:03)
    Android Developers: "Today is one of those days that has my heart racing; we've just released the source code for Android 2.2. This is a big step forward for the entire Android ecosystem. Please don't melt the servers down again while trying to download that latest source code."

  • Guerrilla Tactics to Force Screen Mode in Ubuntu (Jun 25, 2010, 10:33)
    Linux Journal: "Readers of my previous posts will know about the bad luck I've had when it comes to getting the screen setup on Linux, particularly with Ubuntu Linux."

  • Finding Evernote Replacements for Linux (Jun 25, 2010, 09:03) "One of the applications many users ask about when migrating to Linux is Evernote. While the folks at Evernote haven't created a Linux port, you'll find plenty of apps for note taking, organization, and wrangling important personal and business documents."

  • And now, for something totally different: EveryDesk! (Jun 25, 2010, 07:33) "veryDesk is a reinterpretation of the Linux desktop, designed to be used in public administrations or as an enterprise desktop."

  • Memcached Gets NoSQL in Membase (Jun 25, 2010, 06:03)
    Database Journal: "The open source memcached application is often used in conjunction with databases to help cache and accelerate data. A new approach from memcached sponsor NorthScale is taking a slightly different tack by integrating memcached directly with its new open source Membase server"

  • Rockbox 3.6 and beyond (Jun 25, 2010, 04:33) "Rockbox has been chugging along for years offering an open source firmware replacement for MP3 players. But how relevant is a firmware replacement for a type of device that's slowly going extinct?"

  • Let's Lift the Red Hat and Look Inside (Jun 25, 2010, 03:03)
    The Motley Fool: "No, the sneaky sales strength of Red Hat comes from a habit of landing long-term contracts with only small payments due at signing."

  • Working with NinePatch Stretchable Graphics in Android (Jun 25, 2010, 01:33) "Android devices come in many shapes and sizes, often making it very difficult for developers to design applications that look great on all the various screen sizes and orientations. For addressing this challenge, NinePatch graphics can be indispensable."

  • Most popular Linux distros (Jun 25, 2010, 00:03)
    MyBroadband: "Clearly Ubuntu is among the most popular Linux distributions, but which other versions of this operating system are proving popular with users?"