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Linux News for Jul 31, 2010

  • 'Unhackable' Android can be hacked, Black Hat researchers say (2010-07-31 22:04:43)
    Computerworld: "Once thought to be unhackable, the Android phone is anything but, according to researchers presenting at Black Hat 2010."

  • 10 Experimental PHP Projects Pushing the Envelope (2010-07-31 18:04:43)
    Developer.com: "The PHP community has never been one to shy away from bending their favorite language more ways than a shopping mall pretzel, and as the ten wild projects introduced in this article indicate, the fervor for experimentation is as strong as ever!"

  • Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet (2010-07-31 14:04:43)
    The Register: "When the mouthpiece of American capitalism calls a company a dog, it's time to re-evaluate that company's chances."

  • USPTO Asks for Comments on New Interim Guidance on Bilski (2010-07-31 10:04:43)
    Groklaw: "The PTO has just issued new guidance for their examiners on Bilski, Interim Guidance for Determining Subject Matter Eligibility for Process Claims in View of Bilski v. Kappos [PDF] -- on how to follow what they think Bilski held as to what is and isn't patentable subject matter under 35 U.S.C. § 101."

  • Desktop Summit 2011 Announced (2010-07-31 06:04:43)
    KDE.news: "GNOME and KDE are teaming up again to host the 2011 Desktop Summit in Berlin, Germany. Due to the success of the 2009 Desktop Summit the projects will co-locate GUADEC and Akademy once again in August, 2011 for the largest free software desktop event ever."

  • Setting Up OpenVPN on a DD-WRT Router, Part 2 (2010-07-31 02:04:43)
    Serverwatch: "This is the second installment of a two-part series on setting up the OpenVPN server on DD-WRT router firmware. This is a great way to set up secure connections to your network for road-warriors or to remotely connect offices."