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Linux News for Aug 30, 2010

  • Bordeaux helps support Wineconf 2010 and FreeBSD (2010-08-30 23:34:17)
    Wine-Reviews: "Last month we ran a 50% off sale on Bordeaux and this month we would like to do something a little different and raise some money for a good cause. With your help we would like to help support three very important projects."

  • General Hugh Shelton Elected Chairman of Red Hat Board of Directors (2010-08-30 23:04:17)
    Red Hat: "Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced General H. Hugh Shelton (U.S. Army Retired) has been elected to serve as chairman of Red Hat's board of directors."

  • Lightweight Distro Roundup: Day 9 � Peppermint OS (2010-08-30 22:34:17)
    Tech: "Right, we are now at the first of our extra distros, voted in by you folks. Today our victim is Peppermint OS, the newest version based on Ubuntu Lucid. What did we think?"

  • VMware should buy Novell (2010-08-30 22:04:17)
    Cyber Cynic: "Novell's history has been full of ups and downs. Once, with NetWare, it was the networking operating system powerhouse. Then they tried to be a consulting company. More recently, Novell has been both a Linux company and a friend to Microsoft."

  • Should Open Source Communities Avoid Contributor Agreements? (2010-08-30 21:34:17)
    Simon Says: "Contributor agreements that aggregate the copyrights of open source code in favour of a single corporate sponsor are a sure sign of a community where one member has more rights than the rest. And equality is the key to success."

  • Samsung N150 Plus Netbook (2010-08-30 21:04:17)
    ZDNet: "It's been a while since I bought any new hardware. Yesterday I saw a Samsung N150 Plus for a price that I just couldn't pass up - 333 Swiss Francs (about £200)."

  • AMD jettisons ATI brand name, makes Radeon its own (2010-08-30 20:34:17)
    The Tech Report: "Yep, the rumors are true. AMD does indeed intend to do away with the ATI name, eliminating the "ATI Radeon" co-branding the company has steadfastly maintained since its acquisition of ATI. The firm briefed us on its plans late last week and explained several factors influencing its decision."

  • Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age (2010-08-30 20:04:17)
    Techcrunch: "An interesting paradox in the technology world is that there is both a shortage and a surplus of engineers in the United States."

  • There IS a Linux for you. (2010-08-30 19:34:17)
    Technology & Life Integration: "The thing with proprietary operating systems is that they are all the same. To these companies the operating system they are peddling is simply a product. Nothing more and nothing less."

  • How to make a Cosmic Wallpaper in GIMP (2010-08-30 19:04:17)
    Scott Photographics: "This tutorial will hopefully help inspire you to create your own custom wallpapers and produce a great results in the GIMP."

  • Under these rocks and stones (2010-08-30 18:34:17)
    Distrowatch: "However, an important part of the open source community is all the little projects which dot the landscape and it's a good idea to stop and examine those too from time to time. Keeping that in mind, this week I decided to do a series of rapid-fire reviews in which I took a quick look at the following distributions."

  • Dropbox: Painless and Free Backup (2010-08-30 18:04:17)
    Linux Magazine: "At home, you use Linux. At work, you use Windows. How do you share files between them? If you said, "USB drives" or "CDs" or "DVDs" there is a better way: Dropbox."

  • Canonical's X Gesture Extension Being Re-Evaluated (2010-08-30 17:34:17)
    Phoronix: "Earlier this month Canonical introduced its own multi-touch framework for Ubuntu that is set to premiere with Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" and it's called UTouch and is joined by their own gesture/touch language"

  • Paul Allen's Lawsuits: What's up With That? (2010-08-30 17:04:17)
    PC World: "Analysis: The Microsoft co-founder's patent violation claims are likely to hurt consumers with technology price hikes financing a gigantic corporate patent war."

  • CouchDB - The Open Source NoSQL Database (2010-08-30 16:34:17)
    Database Journal: "CouchDB is a great example of forward-thinking technology that's worth a look even if you're not currently in need of a database solution. This article introduces you to CouchDB, showing you how to get started using this fascinating solution and even integrate it into your PHP website."

  • Virus Scan A Windows Machine (2010-08-30 16:04:17)
    Linux Journal: "This short guide shows you how to scan for infected files by booting into SystemRescueCD and running ClamAV, a virus checker."

  • ZFS as a Linux kernel module (2010-08-30 15:34:17)
    The H Open: "According to a report by Phoronix, Indian vendor Knowledge Quest Infotech is working on a native ZFS port to Linux. The company, whose areas of expertise include the Linux kernel and cluster file systems, reportedly plans to release the port in mid-September"

  • Correct Lens Distortion with digiKam (2010-08-30 15:04:00)
    Scribbles and Snaps: "digiKam provides a set of tools that can help you to fix lens distortion with relative ease. In fact, the application sports the Auto-Correction feature that attempts to fix lens distortion with a minimum of tweaking."

  • Operating System Support: How Long Does Yours Last? (2010-08-30 14:34:17)
    Datamation: "Key to any operating system buying decision is its lifespan for support and maintenance updates. As it turns out, most of the major operating system vendors offer support lengths that, on the surface, don't differ radically from each other -- though there are exceptions to the rule that IT managers need to keep in mind if they're going to get the most support for their dollar."

  • Spicebird � An Email Client That Integrates A Calendar, Chat & iGoogle (2010-08-30 14:04:17)
    MakeUseOf: "We have reviewed a number of free email clients before. There is the ever so popular Thunderbird, there is Evolution for Linux and then there is Outlook for Windows."

  • Paul Allen v. The Internet (2010-08-30 13:34:17)
    The Prior Art: "Former Microsoft executive and billionaire Paul Allen sued several major Internet companies and three large retailers for patent infringement today, asserting that four patents originating at Interval Research, Allen's dot-com era think tank, cover basic web browsing and e-commerce technologies."

  • Linux Mint 9 offers new software manager, backup tool (2010-08-30 13:04:17)
    LinuxDevices: "The Linux Mint team has released the final version of Linux Mint 9 ("Isadora"), based on Ubuntu 10.04. Linux Mint 9 features a new software manager with 30,000 packages, a new backup tool, and menu and interface improvements"

  • KDE 4.5 Window tiling (2010-08-30 12:34:17)
    Ghacks: "And in this article I am going to show you how to enable and use tiling feature in KDE 4.5. After that, it's up to you to decide if this feature helps to make your work more or less efficient."

  • OSS4 on Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) (2010-08-30 12:04:17)
    levien.zonnetjes.net: "After upgrading to Ubuntu 10.4 LTS, I was happy to notice that audio in all applications (including Skype) was finally working perfectly! However, I was less happy to notice that Pulseaudio was using quite a lot of CPU-time, and that the sound quality was absolutely awful... So I decided to give OSS4 a try."

  • 10 Best Hacker Movies (Films about Computer Hacking) of All Time (2010-08-30 07:04:17)
    Tech Source: "As a certified geek, it is always pleasing to see movies that involve computer hacking or hackers in action. Although most of these films don't always represent the real deal, some of them have what it takes to excite, amuse, and inspire those who are passionate about computers."