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Linux News for Aug 31, 2010

  • Firefox's New "JaegerMonkey" JavaScript Engine is Revving Up, About 20% Faster (2010-08-31 23:02:22)
    Tech Drive-in: "Firefox 4.0 is probably going to be one among the most important release Mozilla team has ever made. Competition is breathing down its neck like never before. Even IE, in its latest avatar(read IE9) is fast becoming a better piece of software."

  • Packt launches fifth annual Open Source Awards (2010-08-31 22:17:22)
    Packt: "The Open Source Awards is an annual online event held by Packt Publishing to distinguish excellence among Open Source projects."

  • KDE Releases 4.5.1 (2010-08-31 21:35:22)
    KDE.news: "Today, KDE updated the Applications, Platform and Plasma Workspaces to 4.5.1, new releases bringing a number of important bugfixes on top of 4.5.0."

  • Movin' On... (2010-08-31 20:47:22)
    Blog of Helios: "LT Autocare is going use the space we currently inhabit within their shop to put in an alignment rack. That being the case, we need to get our stuff together and prepare to move to another facility."

  • The Cloud Server for Linux Training (2010-08-31 20:05:22)
    Spidertools: "I wreck servers on a regular basis. Yep, I build and wreck multiple servers every day. As a Linux trainer I am always demonstrating how to build Linux servers in class and then blowing them away."

  • Hold The Celebrations; H.264 Is Not The Sort Of Free That Matters (2010-08-31 19:35:22)
    Computerworld UK: "While the "free for web use" claims for H.264 by MPEG-LA sound great and have deceived many commentators, they are nothing new and contain no good news for open source software."

  • ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Android Tablet announced (2010-08-31 19:05:22)
    Linux User and Developer: "ViewSonic have today announced the ViewPad 7, the world's first 7″ Android tablet with phone capability."

  • Monitoring Android Events (2010-08-31 18:35:22)
    Linux Magazine: "What if some of those buttons are only supposed to be available under specific device conditions? Examples include providing a button only when a connection to a remote Bluetooth peripheral has been established or some other specific device condition"

  • The Last Temptation of the Linux Application Developer (2010-08-31 18:05:22)
    IT World: "Cloud rocks. Apps on devices rock. Where does that leave deskop applications?"

  • NVIDIA 256.52 Linux Driver Brings Fixes (2010-08-31 17:35:22)
    Phoronix: "This new Linux driver release isn't overly exciting, but it does carry some prominent fixes that will please some NVIDIA customers."

  • Debian Project mourns the loss of Frans Pop (2010-08-31 17:05:22)
    Debian: "The Debian Project has lost a member of its community. Frans Pop (fjp) died on August 20th."

  • Set up your LDAP server on Ubuntu 10.04 (2010-08-31 16:35:22)
    Ghacks: "...the slapd.conf configuration file has been deprecated and now, trying to figure out how to configure slapd is like finding the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack. Fortunately, in my desperate scouring to work out an easy method of doing this, I have found some tools to make the job easier."

  • Are these Developer and IT Salaries Believable? (2010-08-31 16:05:22)
    Datamation: "Would you believe a list of developer and IT salaries posted on the Internet, anonymously?"

  • Review: The Official Ubuntu Book (2010-08-31 15:35:22)
    LinuxSecurity: "If you haven't used Linux before, are new to Ubuntu, or would like a quick update on the latest in open source advancements for the desktop, then The Official Ubuntu Book is a great place to start."

  • Corporate America's Cruel Linux Hoax (2010-08-31 15:05:22)
    Linux Insider: "I propose companies take a closer look at the Linux desktop and consider its potential return juxtaposed with the return they see from Linux servers in the back room. If they can save money and make money from Linux servers, surely they can see potential returns by using Linux desktop."

  • OpenOffice saves a company budget (2010-08-31 14:35:22)
    TechRepublic: "This past week I was troubleshooting an issue a client had. This issue had been haunting the client for some time and no one could figure out what was going on. Here's the scenario."
    Link fixed --ed.

  • The Gnashing of teeth (2010-08-31 14:05:22)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "With the rise of the HTML 5 video and formats like Google's WebM, Flash may be on the way out. But for now, it remains the dominant format for viewing videos on the web. Consequently, from a desktop user's perspective, few free software projects are as important as a free-license Flash player."

  • Novell Disappoints as Ownership Concerns Continue (2010-08-31 13:35:22)
    Datamation: "Enterprise software vendor Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) fell short of its guidance for the third fiscal quarter of 2010, missing its financial projections with both revenues and income declining."

  • Customizable Linux tablet features 10.1-inch multitouch display (2010-08-31 13:05:22)
    Linux Devices: "Japanese reseller Redstar has begun taking pre-orders for an ARM11-based 10.1-inch tablet computer from RealEase that runs the new Shogo Linux distro."

  • The People Who Support Linux: It's a Family Affair (2010-08-31 12:35:22)
    Linux.com: ""My 7-year old has declared Linux is cool," says Alex Hooper. Alex is an individual member of The Linux Foundation and has been using Linux for five years."

  • Five Reasons Linux Beats Windows for Servers (2010-08-31 12:05:22)
    PC World: "Rapid growth in the market for x86 servers over the past year brought good news for both Linux and Windows, as research firm IDC reported last week."

  • StormOS Hail Beta - A very stormy experience (2010-08-31 10:35:22)
    Dedoimedo: "On paper, StormOS is an excellent technological concept: it is based on Nexenta, which itself is based on Solaris, and packaged with Ubuntu user-land and package management system. In theory, you get Ubuntu-like behavior on top of a UNIX kernel. Sounds like a healthy marriage."

  • Open Source R Language Could Revolutionize Business Intelligence (2010-08-31 09:05:22)
    eCRM Guide: "The R programming language could be coming to a workplace near you — if it hasn't arrived already. The big deal about R is that it can analyze Big Data, those exploding data sets that have traditionally defied analysis."

  • Why Microsoft is Being Nicer to Open Source (2010-08-31 07:35:22)
    IT World: "If there was any take-away I got from LinuxCon a couple of weeks ago, it was this: open source has finally become mainstream."

  • Samsung's Android-Based Galaxy S Eclipses 1M Shipments (2010-08-31 06:05:22)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Samsung Electronics this week confirmed that it has shipped more than 1 million of its Galaxy S smartphones since the line debuted in mid-July, an impressive debut that indicates Android-based devices pose a serious threat to both Apple and Research In Motion in the hotly contested and extremely profitable smartphone market."

  • ‎4 Tools for Teaching Kids to Code (2010-08-31 04:35:22)
    Read Write Web: "As our world becomes more tech-oriented, educators are faced with not just teaching children how to use computers, but how to build and program them as well."

  • MySQL 101: Working with the MySQL DB on Linux (2010-08-31 03:05:22)
    Linux.com: "Some people are born to be a database administrator, and others have database administration thrust upon them. If you're in the former group and you need to perform some very basic operations, like creating and backing up databases, you'll find it's much easier than it sounds. Let's take a look at some very basic MySQL administration to get started."

  • Mozilla Shows Off Fennec for Android, Nokia N900 (2010-08-31 01:35:22)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Fennec, the long-awaited mobile version of Mozilla's open source Firefox browser, is one step closer to release, marking a new milestone in Mozilla's efforts to parlay its Firefox success into a foothold in smartphones."

  • XO Laptop Helps Healing (2010-08-31 00:05:22)
    Haiti Partners: "Haiti Partners participated in a pilot with Waveplace and OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) of 200 xo laptops in April and May of this year. Last week I (John Engle) visited with about 20 students from our various partner schools to see how they're progressing."