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Linux News for Sep 01, 2010

  • A snapshot of a Lan party. (2010-09-01 23:03:22)
    Technology & Life Integration: "Three computers, each running Linux, Windows and MacOS respectively meet up at a lan party. It is a typical lan party. A semi dark room, lit only by the glow of monitors with network cables snaking haphazardly across the floor littered with empty bottles, crushed chip packets and piled up against the wall, a stack of pizza boxes"

  • Python Multimedia: Animations Examples using Pyglet (2010-09-01 22:17:22)
    Packt: "This article by Ninad Sathaye, author of Python Multimedia Beginner's Guide, will introduce you to the fundamentals of developing animations using Python and Pyglet multimedia application development frameworks."

  • Unigine Announces Its OilRush Game For Linux (2010-09-01 21:33:22)
    Phoronix: "Unigine OilRush is the game title and it will be available for Linux. Will this be the best Linux native game we see in 2010?"

  • Using Spell Checking in Vim (2010-09-01 20:47:22)
    Linux.com: "Mark Twain has been quoted as saying that he respected a person who could spell a word more than one way. Unfortunately, Twain's enthusiasm for creative spelling isn't widely shared today, at least in the professional world."

  • LinApp - Most Comprehensive Collection of Commercial Linux Applications Ever (2010-09-01 20:03:22)
    Tech Drive-in: "After browsing through LinApp website for sometime, I was awed by the sheer number of commercial applications available for Linux. Never in my wildest of imaginations did I thought that, this many number of commercial applications ever existed for Linux."

  • Froyo Five-pack of Android Tablets from Archos (2010-09-01 19:33:22)
    EnterpriseMobileToday: "Archos today introduced five Android-powered tablets, two due out this month and three later in the fall, ranging in price from $100 to $349, all shipping with Android 2.2."

  • VMware doesn't like Windows (2010-09-01 19:03:22)
    Cyber Cynic: "A friend recently asked me if I really wanted VMware, a company with a former Microsoft guy in charge, VMware, to buy Novell? His unspoken message was "Wouldn't that be horrible for Novell's Linux?" "

  • Navigating a Dual World: GNU/Linux and WIndows (2010-09-01 18:33:22)
    Djere Web Services: "My household is not a pure GNU/Linux household. I do have one Windows 7 computer system due to the fact that I have some family members that prefer Windows. As a web designer, computer programmer, and a business man, I take full advantage of this situation."

  • Firefox 4 vs. Firefox 3 -- Visual Differences (2010-09-01 18:03:22)
    Ubuntuka: "There is rather lively buzz around Mozilla Firefox 4 future release that should happen soon and of course meet all the expectations of the community and millions of Firefox users. But what do they all expect to see in the latest version and why its long-awaited final release should be a great deal?"

  • Photography with Open Source and Linux (2010-09-01 17:33:22)
    Worldlabel: "Photography on the free software desktop has come a long way in recent years. All of the major desktop environments support camera import and provide image management and editing applications, including the all-important raw file conversion."

  • What Paul Allen and Larry Ellison Have in Common (2010-09-01 17:33:22)
    Computerworld UK: "The trouble with that line of attack, of course, is that it's complete nonsense. Interval Research was not an "an early, ground-breaking contributor to the development of the internet economy": I was there, and they had zero impact whatsoever"

  • Lower Merion School District ordered to pay plaintiff's lawyer $260,000 (2010-09-01 17:03:22)
    Philadelphia Inquirer: "A federal judge Monday ordered the Lower Merion School District to pay about $260,000 now - and potentially much more later - to the lawyer who brought the lawsuit over the district's webcam monitoring."

  • Hey, Android People, Is It True That The All-In Cost Of Android Is Much Higher Than $15 Per Unit? (2010-09-01 16:33:22)
    Business Insider: "Well, a person familiar with Microsoft's mobile strategy immediately squawked, arguing that Android comes with all sort of hidden costs that drive up the per-unit expenses such that Microsoft's $15 per unit actually seemed like a better deal."

  • PC File Manager: Another light weight file manager (2010-09-01 16:03:22)
    Ghacks: "In the seemingly never-ending quest to find the perfect, light weight graphical file manager, I have gone through just about every one I can find. So far my favorite has been Thunar..."

  • Identifying Disk Space (2010-09-01 15:33:22)
    Serverwatch: "Even the largest disks will eventually begin to fill up, and sometimes you notice this (or at least, I do!) only when strange errors start to occur."

  • Corporate Espionage For Dummies: HP Scanners (2010-09-01 15:03:22)
    Help Net Security: "Despite typically being completely insecure, such web servers on printers/scanners are generally of little interest from a security perspective, even though they may be accessible over the web,"

  • KDE 4.5: Your New Desktop Awaits (2010-09-01 14:33:22)
    Linux.com: "Not only is KDE 4.5 a far superior desktop to its predecessor, I would go as far to say that it has finally surpassed 3.5 in both usability and performance."

  • Torvalds Causes Mob Scene at LinuxCon Brazil (2010-09-01 14:03:22)
    Linux.com: "The Linux Foundation today kicked off its two-day debut of LinuxCon Brazil. Attendees got a rare opportunity to see both Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton on stage, together, and in person."

  • Motorola Rolls Out Three New Smartphones in China (2010-09-01 13:33:22)
    EnterpriseMobileToday: "Handset manufacturer Motorola is hoping to parlay the growing popularity of Google's Android mobile operating system to jumpstart sales of its smartphones in China and regain prominence in a market it once dominated."

  • Patent troll or not, Paul Allen finds a friend in Steve Wozniak (2010-09-01 13:03:22)
    TechFlash: "Is there some kind of secret brotherhood of lesser-known Microsoft and Apple founders? "

  • Comparison Test: Newbie-Friendly KDE Distributions (2010-09-01 12:33:22)
    Das U-Blog by Prashanth: "In anticipation of my new laptop, I decided to test 5 major KDE distributions to see which one could work best on my laptop. As it happens, I ended up testing all of these on my old Sony VAIO desktop and installed Linux Mint 9 GNOME on my laptop"

  • Ksplice Now Free for Fedora Users (2010-09-01 12:03:22)
    Crunchgear: "Ksplice, the technology that allows Linux kernel updates without a reboot, is now free for users of the Fedora distribution."

  • XBMC 10.0 Beta 1 features new Add-ons system (2010-09-01 10:33:22)
    The H Open: "After more than nine months of development, the XBMC project has announced the arrival of the first beta of version 10.0 of its open source media player, code named "Dharma"."

  • Flip: A Simple Camera Done Right (2010-09-01 09:03:22)
    Free Software Magazine: "Recently, I fully expected to repeat this depressing experience when my brother-in-law gave my son a "Flip" digital video camera, but I was pleasantly surprised: it works exactly as it should. That seemed worth a column in itself."

  • Dual-boot Android Tablet Confirmed, Samsung Tab Coming on Verizon (2010-09-01 07:33:22)
    EnterpriseMobileToday: "It's Android-tablet-palooza today with confirmation of the dual-boot, Windows-Android tablet and ViewPad 7 from ViewSonic as well as reports that Verizon will carry Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab."

  • Step Counter (My Traceroute howto) (2010-09-01 06:03:22)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "Charly takes the name of the "My Traceroute" tool very literally. The journey is the reward for this alternative TTL-measuring utility. "

  • KDE SC 4.5 Falls Short (2010-09-01 04:33:22)
    IT News Today: "The verdict? KDE 4.5 had promise, but a lack of new features and the introduction of brand new regressions keep it from perfection."

  • The five inaccurate reasons Linux beats Windows for servers (2010-09-01 03:03:22)
    fewt@blog:~$ _: "I am always interested in a good debate of Linux vs Windows. That said, I read an article this morning talking about the five reasons that Linux beat Windows for servers. By the time I finished reading the article though I had a list of many reasons why the article was actually wrong."

  • ontario linux fest cancelled (2010-09-01 01:33:22)
    Ontario Linux Fest: "After much thought I sadly announce that there will not be an Ontario GNU/Linux Fest Conference this year."

  • Chromium Graphics Overhaul (2010-09-01 00:03:22)
    The Chromium Blog: "For some time now, there's been a lot of work going on to overhaul Chromium's graphics system. New APIs and markup like WebGL and 3D CSS transforms are a major motivation for this work, but it also lets Chromium begin to take advantage of the GPU to speed up its entire drawing model..."