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Linux News for Oct 01, 2010

  • Editor's Note: Do Boobytrapped Websites Capture Readers? (2010-10-01 23:02:50)
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Albert Einstein). Boobytrapped websites don't capture readers, they chase them away. So why do advertisers get increasingly obnoxious? Does obnoxiousness work?

  • Bordeaux running on OpenIndiana (2010-10-01 22:32:50)
    Wine-Reviews: "The Bordeaux Technology Group will in the near future have a stable 2.0.8 release of Bordeaux for OpenIndiana."

  • Create Your Own Online Backup Service With SparkleShare (2010-10-01 22:02:50)
    Tech Source: "Do you want to build your own online backup service like Dropbox and host your own files or data? If yes, then perhaps you should take a close at SparkleShare."

  • McGrath: Proposal for a new Fedora project (the desktop has no future) (2010-10-01 21:32:50)
    LWN.net: "It's no secret I'm not big on the future of the desktop[1]. With great reflection and further research I've come to realize something else. Google is about to destroy just about everyone."

  • Commentary: How Fragmentation, Crapware and Carriers Are Ruining Android (2010-10-01 21:02:50)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "There's something rotten at the core of Android, Google's operating system for mobile devices, and sooner or later consumers -- and enterprises -- are going to notice that it is not as wonderful as it seems."

  • Tech Comics: "Super Sophisticated Software" (2010-10-01 20:32:50)
    Tech Comics: "Software, especially when it is super sophisticated, can do some amazing things. Or not."

  • Python4Kids: New Tutorial: Filing (2010-10-01 20:02:50)
    Python4kids: "We come now to a crossroads. We can't keep typing all the questions in each time. That would be too tedious! So, we're going to look at one way of "persisting" data."

  • Forking Time (2010-10-01 20:02:10)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "...for the last year or so in the history of the free and open source software community we have been in Forking Time -- and for the life of me, I can't decide whether this is a healthy development or not."

  • Tech giants back Microsoft in changing patent litigation (2010-10-01 19:32:50)
    Seattle PI: "An impressive list of industry heavyweights filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court today to back up Microsoft in its bid to change a central standard by which patent-infringement lawsuits are won and lost."

  • Ubuntu 10.10 Has an Amazing New Font (2010-10-01 18:32:50)
    Softpedia: "Canonical uploaded and replaced today the default font in the the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) operating system."

  • Warning: Google Chrome Apparently *Removing* Key Privacy Feature (2010-10-01 18:02:50)
    Lauren Weinstein's Blog: "Greetings. Last March... I enthusiastically endorsed Google's Chrome browser, and explained why I have switched to it from Mozilla Firefox. I hope I'm not forced to reverse that decision. But I am quite concerned about a new development."

  • Master lighttpd � the lightweight alternative to Apache (2010-10-01 17:32:50)
    Linux User and Developer: "Is your Apache web server too slow? Koen Vervloesem shows you how to use lighttpd instead. This lightweight web server alternative is perfect for virtual private servers and ageing hardware solutions..."

  • Is open source a dead end for desktop applications? (2010-10-01 17:02:50)
    InfoWorld: "Try as they might, open source desktop apps never gained much ground against proprietary rivals -- and maybe they never will"

  • SugarCRM Courts OEMs, Plans iPhone, iPad CRM Apps (2010-10-01 16:32:50)
    eCRM Guide: "Open source CRM vendor SugarCRM is making a play for the OEM market and also planning a native CRM app for Apple iPhone and iPad users."

  • Corporations and You: Who's Who in Open Source - Part 3 (2010-10-01 16:02:50)
    Ghabuntu: "Finally, the most expected category . Companies that, with their actions (or inactions), affect Open Source, with the intent to destroy or uncharacterize it."

  • Lustre settles into post-Oracle life (2010-10-01 15:32:50)
    IT World: "Despite reassurances from Oracle, advocates of yet another ex-Sun Microsystems technology are voicing concern about the future of their software. In this latest case, the technology is Lustre, a file system widely used across the supercomputing community."

  • Very Nice Music Player for GNOME: Decibel Audio Player (2010-10-01 15:02:50)
    TuxArena: "Decibel is a music player built in GTK which takes a different approach when it comes to the way features are implemented, and that is, Decibel uses only plug-ins which can be enabled or disabled on demand."

  • Minimalist kiosk distro revs to Ubuntu 10.04 foundation (2010-10-01 14:32:50)
    Linux Devices: "Linutop released version 4.0 of a Ubuntu Linux-based distro optimized for kiosk applications on small, energy-efficient fanless PCs, including legacy 386-based PCs and the company's own mini-PCs."

  • Five Enterprise Features in PostgreSQL 9 (2010-10-01 14:02:50)
    Linux.com: "The PostgreSQL Global Development Group recently released PostgreSQL 9.0, with major new features and more than 200 addons and improvements for the popular database."

  • Current Operating Systems May Only Make Sense Up To 48 Cores (2010-10-01 13:32:50)
    Conceivably Tech: "Adding cores to the CPU has become the general recipe to ensure performance improvements in modern computers, even if we have heard before than the IT industry will face efficiency problems beyond 16 cores."

  • DWG CAD on Linux - Ares Commander Commercial Release (2010-10-01 13:02:50)
    Linux Made Easy: "Last week I wrote about Ares and Draftsight, and how they where close to go full comercial (Ares only, Draftsight will be free as Mac and Win released versions), so this is it...."

  • MySQL fork Drizzle goes beta (2010-10-01 12:32:50)
    The H Open: "With the release of Build 1802, Drizzle, the community driven fork of MySQL, is now officially "beta" software."

  • PostgreSQL 9.0 arrives with many new features (2010-10-01 12:02:50)
    LWN.net: "Version 9.0 of the PostgreSQL database management system was released on September 20, with considerably more "buzz" than a PostgreSQL release has had in a while."

  • Corporations and You: Who's Who in Open Source - Part 2 (2010-10-01 10:32:50)
    Ghabuntu: "International Business Machines, the century old computing company, with a focus on enterprise computing, is a company with many open source projects: Eclipse, the framework, the development of the Linux kernel"

  • Gimpbox Combines GIMP Image Editor's Tools into a Single Window (2010-10-01 09:02:50)
    Lifehacker: "The free, open-source image editor, GIMP, uses multiple windows for its tools and dialogs, but they're getting combined into a single window in a future release. Impatient types can combine everything right now, though, with a Python script."

  • Salix OS Live 13.1.1 LXDE Review (2010-10-01 07:32:50)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "Salix OS is a distro based on Slackware. Slackware, as you probably already know, has not had a reputation as being the easiest distro to use. Salix OS makes Slackware accessible to more users by making it easier to install, configure and manage."

  • Remote Linux Desktop for the iPad (2010-10-01 06:02:50)
    Help Net Security: "iLIVEx is a fast, secure and fault-tolerant X11 client that turns the Apple iPad into an X terminal for Linux and Unix. It allows iPad users to connect to Unix and Linux desktops and applications hosted on remote Unix and Linux servers."

  • Bcache Testing: Large Files and a Wrap-Up (2010-10-01 04:32:50)
    Linux Magazine: "This month we have been testing a new kernel patch named bcache that takes SSDs and uses them as a cache for block devices (with the typical device being hard drives). This article wraps up the testing with an investigation of the throughput of large files and summarizes all the testing to date"

  • Security features of Linpus Lite 1.4 (2010-10-01 03:02:50)
    LinuxBSDos: "Linpus Lite 1.4 is the latest update to the Linux distribution published by Linpus Technologies, Inc. of Taipei, Taiwan. Though designed for use on netbooks and low-power computers, it is one of the best distributions that I have reviewed for publication on this website"

  • Desktop dictatorship: Corporate Australia still prefers Internet Explorer (2010-10-01 01:32:50)
    Delimiter: "What you won't find, however, when you ask this question in Australia's technology sector, is many people who profess to love Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser"

  • Stormy Peter�s talks GNOME 3′s release date, open source management & more (2010-10-01 00:02:50)
    Linux User and Developer: "Stormy Peters, executive director of the GNOME Foundation and champion of the GNOME platform for more than ten years, talks exclusively to Linux User & Developer magazine..."