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Linux News for Oct 29, 2010

  • Ubuntu's "risky step" of standardizing on Unity instead of GNOME (2010-10-29 23:03:24)
    Off the Beat: "OK, it's finally happening. For a couple of years, the standard for desktops has been edging towards mobile devices with every new netbook interface. Now, with Ubuntu's decision to replace GNOME with its own Unity desktop, the shift away from the workstation standard has actually arrived."

  • The end of the road for Linux kernel 2.4 (2010-10-29 22:33:24)
    Linux User and Developer: "It contained such revolutionary (for the time) features as support for USB, and ISA 'Plug and Play' – doing away with the need to configure hardware jumpers or run the special isapnp commands to make various adaptor cards work."

  • Unity Clouding Up The Desktop (2010-10-29 22:03:24)
    LXer: "I don't see the Unity plans as a blessing though. There is no point in turning a full fledged desktop machine into a "Mobile Internet Device"."

  • Symbian: A Lesson on the Wrong Way to Use Open Source (2010-10-29 21:33:24)
    Gigaom: "After all, if a product can't make the grade as a proprietary product, it will almost certainly fare worse as an open-source product."

  • Incredible Times, Incredible Technology (2010-10-29 21:03:24)
    The ERACC Web Log: "Here I am at around 12:30 AM local time running updates on a client's PC that was just reinstalled with Microsoft XP Media Center Edition 2005. This reinstall was done to clean up the registry and get rid of the "sluggishness" that had set in over the past 4 years of continual use."

  • Cloud, meet Rainbow (2010-10-29 20:33:24)
    Mozilla Labs: "At Mozilla Labs, we're constantly trying to push the boundaries with respect to what the browser can do. We've experimented with audio recording in the browser as part of the Jetpack prototype earlier, and want to revisit the idea."

  • Tech Comics: "All Tests Have Crashed" (2010-10-29 20:03:24)
    Tech Comics: "Testing a software project may reveal more than you want to know."

  • Mobile Business Intelligence: The Next Big Thing (2010-10-29 19:33:24)
    eCRM Guide: "As a result, he sees laptops eventually going away, replaced by devices like his Dell Streak. "I think we're about to see a burst of innovation," Dresner told eCRM Guide."

  • Oracle Gets Specific -- Files Amended Complaint - Update: And More, More, More (2010-10-29 19:03:24)
    Groklaw: "It's SCO II, at least in part, alleging that the infringed material is "Java method and class names, definitions, organization, and parameters; the structure, organization and content of Java class libraries; and the content and organization of Java's documentation." Don't tell me it's APIs and methods and concepts again. And infringing the "organization" of Java documentation? Lordy."

  • Windows Phone 7 is a threat to something far more important than Android or iPhone (2010-10-29 18:33:24)
    Shantanu's Technophilic Musings: "Many people say that Windows Phone 7 is a threat to iPhone because they are bringing in a super platform with a choice of multiple designs and multiple carriers with great Enterprise and gaming support and maintaining the lucrative integration that iPhone provides."

  • ODF Plugfest: Making office tools interoperable (2010-10-29 18:03:24)
    LWN.net: "The first day of the event was reserved for the ODF implementers: Abisource, DiaLOGIKa, Google, IBM, Itaapy, KO GmbH, Microsoft, Novell, Sun/Oracle, and OpenOffice.org. LibreOffice developers weren't able to make it for the first day..."

  • Cryptography and digital sign with GnuPG part 2 (2010-10-29 17:33:24)
    Linuxaria: "In the previous article we presented some basic concepts of encryption and made some examples of symmetrical and asymmetrical keys, we concluded by saying that a good way to get a certificate with an asymmetric key is GnuPG."

  • Ubuntu Developer Summit: Dropping KDE Desktop (2010-10-29 17:03:24)
    jriddell's blog: "The Ubuntu Developer Summit is in full swing here in Florida. There have been a load of important decisions taken. For example today I dropped KDE from our desktop."

  • Arch Linux Backup Server, part 2 (2010-10-29 16:33:24)
    Linux Planet: "Earlier this week I reviewed the Antec 300 case that houses my new home fileserver. Now it's time to talk about what's inside."

  • Other X.Org Discussions At The Ubuntu 11.04 Summit (2010-10-29 16:03:24)
    Phoronix: "Two days ago we reported on what the graphics stack should look like for Ubuntu 11.04 in terms of its X.Org Server, Mesa / Gallium3D, and the open-source graphics driver versions to be deployed in this next Linux operating system release codenamed the Natty Narwhal."

  • Spooky-Scary Tech Terms (2010-10-29 15:53:21)
    Webopedia: "To celebrate Halloween tech-style, we're bringing you a fun — but totally legit — list of some of the spookiest acronyms and tech term oddities we've come across while compiling the Webopedia database. Who knows, maybe one of the following tech terms will spawn a costume idea that will bring first place at this year's office (IT) Halloween party."

  • 10 Command-line Timesavers for MySQL Tasks (2010-10-29 15:33:24)
    Developer.com: "Although several great GUI-based MySQL clients exist, among them phpMyAdmin and SQLYog, I've always preferred to use the native mysql command-line client."

  • Introducing PiTiVi (version 0.13.4) (2010-10-29 15:03:24)
    DistroWatch: "PiTiVi isn't just what appeared in my alphabet soup last weekend, it's also the name of a video editor for Linux systems. The first time I stumbled across PiTiVi (pronounced PeeTeeVee) was when I was recently trying out the Trisquel distribution and found the application pre-installed"

  • Manage RADIUS for WPA-Enterprise with CIITIX and Linux (2010-10-29 14:33:24)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "CIITIX-Wi-Fi couples FreeRADIUS, daloRADIUS, and OpenSSL to give you a turn-key Wi-Fi authentication solution. It's an open source Debian-based Linux distribution, released under the GPLv2 license."

  • Google Enhances Android Mobile Device Security (2010-10-29 14:03:24)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Google today made it easier for mobile IT administrators to securely manage Android 2.2 (Froyo) devices from within Google Apps."

  • Linux boosts Stock Exchange trading speeds (2010-10-29 13:33:24)
    The H Open: "As reported by Computerworld UK, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) has announced that its new Linux based system will achieve world record breaking trading speeds."

  • Finnix 100 Has Been Released (2010-10-29 13:03:24)
    Softpedia: "A few hours ago, Ryan Finnie proudly announced the immediate availability for download of the Finnix 100 Linux-based operating system, after a little more than one year of development."

  • Features/RemoveSETUID (Fedora 14) (2010-10-29 12:33:24)
    LWN.net: "File Capabilties have been present in the Operating System for a few releases now, it is time that we remove setuid applications and just assign the capapilities required by an application. This should make the applications and the Operating System more secure."

  • How To Make An Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Resemble A Mac (With Elementary, Docky & Glo (2010-10-29 12:03:24)
    Howtoforge: "This article shows how you can change the appearance of your Ubuntu 10.10 desktop so that it resembles a Mac. This can be achieved with the help of Elementary, Docky, and Gloobus-Preview."

  • The great iPhone serial port hack (2010-10-29 11:03:24)
    Computerworld: "While the majority of the iPhone's easter eggs and secrets have over time been discovered, pulled apart and analysed to the umpteenth degree, the smartphone continues to have one, little-known trick up its sleeve: A hidden serial port."

  • China takes the lead in world's fastest computing with Linux (2010-10-29 09:03:24)
    Really Linux: "In an absolute show of super computer capability, the National Center for Supercomputing in Tianjin, China announced a 2.507 petaflops computer. That is 2.507 trillion calculations per second."

  • Set up XenLinux kernel aka Suse under Xen 4.0.1 on top of F14 (2010-10-29 07:03:24)
    Xen Virtualization on Linux and Solaris: "Straight forward attempt to load kernel xenified aka Suse under Fedora's 14 Xen 4.0.1 generates following output to console :-"

  • GnackTrack Final is now out - The Gnome based penetration testing distribution (2010-10-29 05:03:24)
    GnackTrack: After a conisderable amount of effort this month we are pleased to announce the finished version of GnackTrack

  • Fuzzing proprietary protocols not that hard #sectorca (2010-10-29 03:03:24)
    Netstat -vat: "I'm a fan of fuzzing, which is basically a way to throw garbage input at an application to see if it will break."

  • High Performance Community (2010-10-29 01:33:24)
    Linux Magazine: "Last week I was on the road and out of my home office. Even with my little Eee netbook and plenty of spotty wireless access I still managed to get behind in just about everything."

  • GNOME Project Receives $15,000 for Accessibility Work (2010-10-29 00:03:24)
    GNOME: The GNOME Project has received two grants for a total of $15,000 from Mozilla and from the F123.org-Mais Diferenças partnership for accessibility work.