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Linux News for Nov 01, 2010

  • Android Continues to Gobble Up Mobile OS Share (2010-11-01 22:32:24)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Google's wildly popular Android mobile operating system gained even more momentum in the third quarter at the expense, primarily, of Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices, according to latest smartphone industry data."

  • How To Auto-Disable The Touchpad When The Mouse Is Plugged In (Fedora 13) (2010-11-01 22:32:24)
    Howtoforge: "Hello all, hopefully this brief how-to will help others, this issue has been bugging me for years. I want the same capability in Fedora that exists in most recent versions of Windows -- disable the touchpad on my laptop if an external mouse is plugged in."

  • Introducing Pinguy OS 10.04 LTS (2010-11-01 22:02:24)
    DistroWatch: "Pinguy OS is a project which attempts to take the Ubuntu distribution and make it more attractive and easier to use. The distribution targets home users who are not yet familiar with Linux and tries to provide everything an inexperienced (Linux) computer user will need right out of the box."

  • What is today's most popular linux distribution? (2010-11-01 21:32:24)
    Steaming Open Cup: "Linux distributions are operating systems that are based on the Linux kernel. With this simplified definition in mind, then perhaps the most popular Linux distribution is Android"

  • Google Sues The US Government For Only Considering Microsoft Solutions (2010-11-01 21:02:24)
    TechDirt: "The DOI justified limiting its offerings to Microsoft, by saying that Microsoft had two things that other solution providers did not: unified/consolidated email and "enhanced security."

  • Ubuntu 11.04 won't be the same old Linux desktop (2010-11-01 20:32:24)
    Cyber Cynic: "Ubuntu's new Unity Linux desktop interface is the change that everyone is talking about, but it was far from the only change that Canonical and Ubuntu's developers are making to Ubuntu's desktop. In fact, even without the change from straight GNOME to Unity, the developers are planning on major changes to the Ubuntu desktop."

  • Storage I/O and the Laws of Physics (2010-11-01 20:02:24)
    Enterprise Storage Forum: "I figured it was time to see what has changed – if anything – in our industry over the last 8 years. What I found is that things have only gotten worse when it comes to managing storage."

  • 4 Better Web Browsers for Linux and Everyone Else (2010-11-01 19:32:24)
    Linux Planet: "Our Web browsers do everything these days, and they're also the #1 malware vector. Eric Geier reviews four excellent Web browsers for Linux, Mac, and Windows users that are safer, friendlier, and better than Internet Explorer."

  • LLVMpipe Scaling With Intel's Core i7 Gulftown (2010-11-01 19:02:24)
    Phoronix: "When finding out that an Intel Core i7 970 "Gulftown" CPU was on the way, which boasts six physical cores plus another six logical cores via Hyper Threading, immediately coming to mind was to try out this latest Intel 32nm processor with the Gallium3D LLVMpipe driver."

  • Improving The Linux Desktop: 20 Needed Fixes (2010-11-01 18:02:24)
    Datamation: "With this article, I hope to address new ideas alongside some challenges that I believe, if dealt with realistically, would make using Linux more accessible for everyone."

  • Community Rights and Community Wrongs (2010-11-01 17:32:24)
    Standards Blog: "The community has overestimated the power of software licenses – even FOSS licenses – to protect their rights, and opted not to take advantage of other tools that could."

  • Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache (2010-11-01 17:02:24)
    The Register: "But Oracle just pinpointed six pages of Google code, claiming they were "directly copied" from copyrighted Oracle material, and according to Apache, this code is not part of Harmony."

  • Linux 2.6.37-rc1 (2010-11-01 16:32:24)
    Linux Kernel Mailing List: "The merge window for 2.6.37 is over, and -rc1 is out there (or will be soon, as things are uploading from my laptop here in Boston and then mirroring out)"

  • When Worlds Collide: Galaxy Tab to Share Verizon Shelf Space With iPad (2010-11-01 16:02:24)
    LinuxInsider: "Verizon, the very same company that recently announced it will sell the iPad beginning next week, announced Wednesday that it will become the first U.S. carrier to stock Samsung's Galaxy Tab."

  • Linux: Find Out Which Process Is Listening Upon a Port (2010-11-01 15:32:24)
    Cyberciti: "How do I find out running processes were associated with each open port? How do I find out what process has open tcp port 111 or udp port 7000 under Linux?"

  • London Stock Exchange delays Linux launch after live test (2010-11-01 15:02:24)
    Computerworld: "The London Stock Exchange has postponed the launch of its Linux-based IT system for cash markets, after a third live test was completed with customers over the weekend."

  • The Next Star Wars Could Be Shot Using Open Source Software and Hardware (2010-11-01 14:32:24)
    Network World: "Well if Lucas were going to film Star Wars today he might just be using both open source software and hardware to do so!"

  • Every end is a new beginning (33 devs leave OpenOffice) (2010-11-01 14:02:24)
    [native-lang]: "Dear supporters of OpenOffice.org, the past days and weeks here in the project were marked by sometimes heated discussions, about how we perceive the cooperation in the project and how we make this more willing and able."

  • Optimization in KWin 4.6 (2010-11-01 13:32:24)
    Martin's Blog: "Apart from the scripting interface KWin will not ship any major new feature in 4.6. Most of the work I did for 4.6 was to improve the overall performance of our compositing engine."

  • Huawei S7 Android tablet review (2010-11-01 13:02:24)
    Linux User and Developer: "The S7 is the first 'true' Android tablet finally touches down in the UK, but does it live up to the promise of a bright future for the platform? Russell Barnes investigates"

  • News from the GIMP 2.8 development! (2010-11-01 12:32:24)
    gimpusers.com: "First off, no, there is no news on a release date of GIMP 2.8. It is still unclear when GIMP 2.8 will be released, maybe it is somewhen in Q1 2011, but it could be later also, we don't think it gets out in 2010 anymore though."

  • Eating Your Own Dogfood (2010-11-01 12:02:24)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "One of my favorite sayings has always been "You should eat your own dog food". When applied to programming it quite simply means that you should use the code that you generate."

  • Validation in Dijkstra's shunting yard algorithm (2010-11-01 11:02:24)
    Sankuru: "In a previous blog post, I argued that it is perfectly possible to extend Dijkstra's shunting yard algorithm to parse function calls and object-oriented expressions. It actually does not take that much effort to extend the algorithm to do so."

  • Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick Meerkat Benchmarked And Reviewed (2010-11-01 07:02:24)
    Tom's Hardware: "Slick coincidence aside, we're somewhat dubious that Canonical's Linux distribution (distro) will bring fulfillment to our mundane existence--especially not one released in October."

  • Point n Click guide to running Ubuntu in the Cloud (2010-11-01 03:02:24)
    FOSS Boss: "Anyway, that led me to want to demo a "point-n-clink" guide to running your first Ubuntu server in the EC2 cloud. i.e. no command line allowed, just point and click :) It doesn't get any easier than this, so let's hit it"