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Linux News for Jan 31, 2011

  • Android Development 101: 'Hello World' in Four Minutes Flat (2011-01-31 23:35:32)
    Developer.com: "Start learning how to develop for the Android platform with the Android Development 101 video series. In this first episode, Chris L. Bennett demonstrates how to create a traditional Hello World application."

  • PirateBox: an "artistic provocation" in lunchbox form (2011-01-31 23:05:32)
    ars Technica: "When NYU art professor David Darts shows people his lunchbox, "a smile just starts creeping up on their face.""

  • WordNet+Artha: A great Linux thesaurus combo (2011-01-31 22:34:49)
    Ghacks: "I am a writer. I write loads of technical documentation as well as novels (check out my fiction on Smashwords and Autumnal Press). Because of my trade I am always seeking out tools to aid in my own process."

  • Why We Insist on Linux on the Desktop (2011-01-31 22:05:32)
    Blog of Helios: "The title to this article could just as easily have been, "Why We Don't Use Windows.""

  • An Update On Reiser4 For The Mainline Linux Kernel (2011-01-31 21:35:32)
    Phoronix: "We're now into 2011 with the merge window having closed earlier this month for the Linux 2.6.38 kernel and there's no sign of this open-source file-system designed to succeed the popular ReiserFS. So what gives? Well, we have another update from its lead developer."

  • Positional Parameters in the Bash Shell (2011-01-31 21:05:32)
    Bashshell.net: "Special built-in environmental variables are positional parameters which hold command-line arguments to positions with the names 1,2,3,4, etc. which are indicated by $1,$2,$3,$4, etc. Argument $0 is the name of the script."

  • Android Tops Leading Smartphone List -- in the World (2011-01-31 20:35:32)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "Android the giant continues to loom large among smartphone competitors. Today research firm Canalys said the Android platform had the most shipments globally of any other platform with 32.9 million Android-based devices shipped."

  • Review: KDE 4.6 (2011-01-31 20:05:32)
    Das U-blog: "A couple days ago, KDE 4.6 was released for the world to enjoy. It boasts myriad bug fixes, new features for applications like Dolphin and Marble (among others), a revamped Activities feature, and better integration of GTK+ applications."

  • Bufferbloat, Fixing Internet Congestion (2011-01-31 19:35:32)
    Bufferbloat: "The dark buffers that lead to Bufferbloat and the congestion/latency problems that currently plague the internet are almost everywhere. The Bufferbloat project intends to address these problems by: "

  • iPad loses significant share to Android tablets (2011-01-31 19:05:32)
    CNet: "Apple's iPad still reigns supreme among tablets, but its grip on the market is starting to loosen."

  • IT Salary Levels: Staffers vs. Superstars (2011-01-31 18:35:32)
    Datamation: "If you've worked in IT for any length of time, you know that IT salary levels can vary wildly between staffers with the same job title."

  • First impressions of Chakra GNU/Linux 0.3.1 (2011-01-31 18:05:32)
    Distrowatch: "Despite receiving several requests for a Chakra Linux review, it took me a while to get motivated to write one, mostly due to the project's website."

  • Three Excellent Linux Router Distros + 1 BSD (2011-01-31 17:35:32)
    Linux Planet: "Linux is an endlessly adaptable networking and security powerhouse, from tiny to enterprise. Here is a sampling of three specialty Linux router distros and one based on FreeBSD."

  • London Stock Exchange under major cyberattack during Linux switch (2011-01-31 17:05:32)
    Computerworld UK: "The London Stock Exchange's new open source trading system may have been hacked last year, according to a report."

  • A Frightening Week (2011-01-31 16:35:32)
    AVC: "When something you have come to rely on is taken away from you, it is frightening."

  • Debian 6.0: Stability and Power to the People (2011-01-31 16:05:32)
    Datamation: "Debian official releases are more rare than releases of other distributions, but tend to matter less to users. Judging by the second release candidate, Debian 6.0 will be no exception"

  • Don't Let 'Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome' Happen to You (2011-01-31 15:35:32)
    PC World: "Windows users have many, many reasons to consider switching to Linux, as I've pointed out on numerous occasions already. For many, however, there's one big, fat obstacle standing in the way: "Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome.""

  • 11 Killer Features That Make Ubuntu 11.04 Worth the Wait (2011-01-31 15:05:32)
    Hubpages: "As the conventional desktop gets a major overhaul, the spanking new Unity interface is busy preparing itself to replace the time-honored Gnome interface."

  • Android 3.0: Hell Yes It's a Fork. But Who Cares? (2011-01-31 14:35:32)
    ZDNet: "This just in: Big screens and little screens are different and your excessive worry over forking Android 3.0 is misplaced. The real problem is the OEM and Carrier crapware"

  • GitHub received DMCA Takedown Notice on 6 PS3-related projects (2011-01-31 14:05:32)
    Github: Sony escalates its war against its customers and the FLOSS community.

  • interview with Linus Torvalds (2011-01-31 13:35:32)
    OMG Ubuntu: "Linus Torvalds has probably done more for the world than many know, and his influence stretches far and wide throughout all corners of the globe with a variety of amazing implementations of his original vision that started almost two decades ago."

  • The hidden places where Linux dominates (2011-01-31 13:05:32)
    TechRadar: "While the fight for desktop dominance is still raging somewhere in the distance, Linux has quietly succeeded in the places no one thinks to look."

  • The Linux Contradictionary (2011-01-31 11:05:32)
    Linux Format: "Linux is full of jargon. Learn to bluff your way in this seemingly confusing universe with this handy guide. * Crack A mind-altering substance that confers upon its user the power to guess weak passwords."

  • Convert RAW Files to DNG with DNGConverter (2011-01-31 07:05:32)
    Scribbles and Snaps: "digiKam comes with a nifty batch utility that allows you to convert RAW files to the DNG format. The question is, of course, why you would want to do that."

  • 5 Best Video Game Console Emulators for Linux (2011-01-31 03:05:32)
    Tech Source: "I have here a list of some of the best video game console emulators for Linux that you can download and use for free:"