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Linux News for Mar 01, 2011

  • Incron -- a cron based on File System events (2011-03-01 23:32:13)
    Linuxaria: "inotify is a Linux kernel subsystem that acts to extend filesystems to notice changes to the filesystem, and report those changes to applications. It replaces an earlier facility, dnotify, which had similar goals."

  • Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu Banshee controversy: Mistakes were made (2011-03-01 23:02:13)
    ZDNet: "The conflict between Banshee and Canonical over what should be done with Banshee's Amazon Store revenue stream, while it was finally resolved, was not Ubuntu's most shining moment."

  • Windows Live Mesh goes live without support for Linux (2011-03-01 22:32:13)
    Network World: "The more Microsoft chases me to other cloud tools and products, the less reason I have not to ditch Windows altogether"

  • Fedora internationalization and localization Test Week this week (2011-03-01 22:02:13)
    AdamW on Linux and more: "After the highly successful Graphics Test Week last week (thanks to everyone who came out! A full recap will be posted soon), it's another Test Week this week: this time for internationalization and localization."

  • Five ideas for escaping the Blu-Ray blues (2011-03-01 21:32:13)
    Free Software Magazine: "Some of us want to be able to release high-definition video (possibly even 3D) without evil copy protection schemes. I've been avoiding Blu-Ray as a consumer since it came out, mostly because Richard Stallman said it has an evil and oppressive DRM scheme. After my first serious investigation, I can confirm his opinion, and frankly, it's a pretty bleak situation."

  • Learn Linux, 302 (Mixed environments): Samba roles (2011-03-01 21:02:13)
    IBM Developerworks: "Samba isn't a single program; rather, it's a series of interrelated servers and utilities, each of which has its own specific purpose. Understanding the differences between these servers and utilities will help you manage your Samba system."

  • Kajongg: True Mahjong at last (2011-03-01 20:32:13)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "I am not talking, you understand, about the matching game that masquerades as Mahjong. That is a game sometimes called Shanghai that uses Mahjong tiles, but has more in common with solitaire or patience than true Mahjong."

  • Dictators, Libya, and the Unreliable Internet (2011-03-01 20:02:13)
    Datamation: "The recent unfortunate doings in Libya have made an example of how the Internet works around problem areas. And it reminded me that if you are going to put your content in the hands of a dictator, it is nice to know whom you are dealing with."

  • Who Contributes the Most to LibreOffice? (2011-03-01 19:32:13)
    Linux Journal: "Cedric Bosdonnat has been tracking contributions to LibreOffice since its announced fork from OpenOffice.org. He uses Git Data Miner to gleen results from the main branch of LibreOffice Git repositories."

  • IBM DB2, Novell Partner for Linux Software Appliances (2011-03-01 19:02:13)
    ServerWatch: "Novell is expanding its SUSE Studio Linux appliance technology today with the addition of new templates for IBM's DB2 database."

  • Frugalware 1.4 Nexon Review (2011-03-01 18:32:13)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "I've gotten a fair number of requests to look at Frugalware in the past so I decided to take a peek at Frugalware 1.4 (Nexon). Frugalware has always had a reputation for not being very accessible to newer Linux users or those who simply wanted an easy to use desktop version of Linux."

  • Live Performance Monitor for Your MySQL Server (2011-03-01 18:02:13)
    Tech Source: "If you are a Linux system administrator or have a Linux server running a LAMP stack, you might want to be able to keep an eye on the different elements that contribute to keeping your applications and websites alive."

  • Open source expert takes on the hardest job at Microsoft (2011-03-01 17:32:13)
    Network World: "A few months ago, Gianugo Rabellino traded his Linux and Mac PCs for a Windows 7 laptop, left the open source company he founded and moved to Redmond for a new job with Microsoft. His goal: improve Microsoft's credibility within open source circles."

  • 3 Fun Conditional Tricks for Your WordPress Custom Fields (2011-03-01 17:02:13)
    Webreference: "To quickly recap the idea of custom fields, they are made of two parts: the key and the value. You define a key once, which is usually universal to your WordPress setup, and the value can be defined on a per post basis"

  • London Stock Exchange Woes not Linux's Fault (2011-03-01 16:32:13)
    ZDNet: "The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has had better times. First, it had reoccurring problems with its integration with large-stock market data players such as Thomson Reuters Eikon, Interactive Data, and Morningstar."

  • Linux Backup Server: Refining Rsync, Passwordless Authentication (2011-03-01 16:02:13)
    Linux Planet: "At last here are the final two parts of this series. Today we learn how to tell rsync which files to include or exclude, set up passwordless login on the backup server, and safely test everything."

  • Make Customers Smile in 7 Easy Steps with OTRS - Part 4 (2011-03-01 15:32:13)
    Linux Journal: "In Part 3, you learned how to accept, open and close tickets, and use the OTRS interface to communicate with customers and internal team members through the ticket resolution workflow."

  • X.org completes X Server 1.10 (2011-03-01 15:02:13)
    The H Open: "X development veteran Keith Packard has released version 1.10 of X.org's X Server. A list of all changes, mostly minor improvements and bug fixes, are included in the release email."

  • Document: What a Microsoft employment contract looks like (2011-03-01 14:32:13)
    TechFlash: "I will diligently perform my assigned duties and devote my entire working time, abilities, and efforts to such duties and to furthering the interests of MICROSOFT."

  • Using OpenFire for Realtime Collaboration on Linux (2011-03-01 14:02:13)
    Linux.com: "Offering real-time collaboration tools within a company is becoming a must-have if a company is serious about getting their employees to work as efficiently as possible."

  • Pearls before swine.. (2011-03-01 13:32:13)
    Linus' blog: "My life isn't glamorous."

  • The Problem Isn't Email, It's Microsoft Exchange (2011-03-01 13:02:13)
    That Grumpy BSD Guy: "The takeaway: don't pretend your appointment book can handle your email. And don't blame the Internet for all the compatibility issues. The main problem is Microsoft Exchange."

  • What would you do with Open.org? (2011-03-01 11:02:13)
    IT World: "What would you do with Open.org? That was the question put forth by members of the Linux Fund organization last night during a Birds of a Feather session at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 9X)."

  • Geek Time with Jim Zemlin (2011-03-01 07:02:13)
    Open Source at Google: "Jim explains the role of the Linux Foundation in Linux kernel development, including the work of Linus Torvalds. (0:18)"

  • BATS Linux trading platform to replace Chi-X Instinet following acquisition (2011-03-01 05:02:13)
    Computerworld UK: "Chi-X acquisition leads to one Linux platform replacing another"

  • A look at Wolfer Linux 2 (2011-03-01 03:02:13)
    Distrowatch: "The Wolfer Linux distribution is developed by a small team who seem to be operating on two assumptions: one, that Ubuntu makes a good base from which to build a distro and, two, a good user interface can go a long way toward making a good product."

  • Portrait Photography in Linux - An Extensive Guide (2011-03-01 01:32:13)
    Tutorial Geek: "Right now Windows and Mac dominate the professional photography world. That does not mean though that Linux does not have the tools available for professional photography."

  • Foxit Reader 4.3.1 for Desktop Linux is Available Now! (2011-03-01 00:09:13)
    Raiden's Realm: "Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer for the Linux platform, with a new streamlined interface, user-customized toolbar, incredibly small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich features."

  • The Document Foundation Reaches Goal of �50,000 in Eight Days (2011-03-01 00:02:13)
    OStatic: "The Document Foundation sent out an announcement this morning of reaching its goal of €50,000 in order to set up a legal foundation in Germany."