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Linux News for Mar 18, 2011

  • Fusion 14 Thorium Review (2011-03-18 19:47:27)
    Desktop Linux Reviews: "Fusion 14 is a new distro that uses Fedora 14 as its base. Don't be fooled though, Fusion is not your father's Fedora at all."

  • Ubuntu Linux aims to give back with Debian Dex (2011-03-18 17:13:11)
    Netstat -vat: "Debian is the mother distro to many children derivative distros, including Ubuntu. Sometimes those derivatives give back to the upstream, but it's not always easy."

  • Lessons Learned from Canonical, Banshee, and GNOME (2011-03-18 15:02:46)
    OSTSTIC: "While the true beginnings of the animosity would be difficult to pin down, an educated hypothesis could peg public awareness to Dave Neary's report on outside contributions to the GNOME project, in which Ubuntu faired poorly."

  • Melbourne hacker releases open source Django apps (2011-03-18 13:09:11)
    CIO: "To fill a requirement for flexible content and management and e-commerce, Melbourne-based software engineer Stephen McDonald has released two open source projects built with the Django framework."

  • openSUSE 11.4 review � KDE 4.6 and Tumbleweed shine (2011-03-18 12:08:21)
    Linux User & Developer: "Most of the new features you'll encounter in daily use are due to the KDE project. KDE 4.6 has made its Activities system more easy-to-use and the file manager Dolphin has added 'faceted browsing': you can search through your files using their metadata as filters."

  • Biggest botnet takedown in history sees Rustock go offline (2011-03-18 10:03:46)
    Geek.com: "While it is unknown who planned and coordinated this takedown of the botnet, everyone agrees that whoever did it certainly knew the botnet well and took measures to counteract any backup techniques Rustock used to re-establish itself and its connection with the infected Windows PCs."

  • Pentaho Upgrades Open Source Business Intelligence Software (2011-03-18 08:27:15)
    eCRM Guide: "Pentaho uses an 'open core' model, with a core open source community edition and an enterprise edition that bundles proprietary features on top."

  • Embedding Ubuntu (2011-03-18 06:13:21)
    DataWeek.co.za: "There are several good reasons why designers should use Ubuntu in embedded applications. Although it leans on Debian packages, the Ubuntu project produces a more polished, fully tested, user-friendly distribution."

  • Android violates Linux license, experts claim (2011-03-18 04:02:46)
    Network World: "Google's Android mobile operating system's usage of the Linux kernel may violate open source licensing with a misappropriation of Linux code."