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Linux News for Mar 25, 2011

  • Ubuntu board rejects slippery Flash installs (2011-03-25 20:08:42)
    The Register: "The Linux distro's technical board has unanimously ruled against a change that could have allowed third party software to install by default if users weren't paying attention and that seemed aimed at greasing the skids to putting Adobe Software's Flash on more Ubuntu PCs."

  • GNOME Shell 3.0 Nears Release (2011-03-25 18:13:02)
    OSTATIC: "A couple of days ago GNOME Shell 2.91.92 (release candidate) was released for some last bit of bug hunting before the big day. The announcement stated that the code is frozen, but important bugs could still be fixed."

  • 30 Great tutorials for GIMP (2011-03-25 17:09:36)
    Unixmen: "It is certainly inspiring that a free piece of software gives you so diverse possibilities, comparable to any paid gimp-logosoftware you can get in the market. In this post I have attempted to collect the best tutorials of GIMP, in my view, around the web."

  • Make Browsers Cache Static Files With mod_expire On Lighttpd (Debian Squeeze) (2011-03-25 16:07:13)
    HowtoForge: "This saves bandwidth and makes your web site appear faster (if a user visits your site for a second time, static files will be fetched from the browser cache). This tutorial was written for Debian Squeeze."

  • Using Google's WebP Image Format with Open Tools on Linux (2011-03-25 15:02:19)
    Linux.com: "Google's WebM project, the free and open video codec based on VP8, offers tantalizing benefits for fans of Linux and open source: better quality, plus full support in the browser and other applications, thanks to the lack of royalty-demanding patent holders."

  • Exotic Linux distros can come in handy (2011-03-25 12:41:31)
    ZDNet Photo Galleries: "Linux seems to offer a distribution for every occasion. Among these obscurer flavors are a few that you may not have encountered, but could be just what you need."

  • Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open (2011-03-25 10:14:37)
    The Register: "The reality is surely that Google and its partners don't want smaller name manufacturers eating into their tablets sales. Or perhaps they don't want larger names nabbing pieces of code for their own tablet OSes."

  • Build Your Own Linux Test Server (2011-03-25 07:01:13)
    ServerWatch: "Last year, we built a DIY Linux workstation with an eye toward creating a high-end development machine with the ability to run multiple virtual machines at the same time. Now, we're going to build a machine fit for testing server operating systems to include functioning as a KVM or Xen virtual host."

  • Spiral Knights, New Game Coming to Linux this April (2011-03-25 06:12:11)
    Ubuntu Vibes: "Spiral Knight's Technical Support page lays down minimum system requirements for Linux but I couldn't find installation instructions for Linux. So, I have written a small tutorial here to get it running on your system."

  • Firefox 4 Sync step-by-step guide (2011-03-25 03:02:18)
    Linux User & Developer: "Firefox 4′s brand new Sync feature is one of the main attractions of the latest release. It allows you to sync browser data, such as bookmarks, preferences, history, and tabs – but not extensions – across multiple Firefox installations."

  • How To Integrate ClamAV Into PureFTPd For Virus Scanning On OpenSUSE 11.3 (2011-03-25 01:03:16)
    HowtoForge: "This tutorial explains how you can integrate ClamAV into PureFTPd for virus scanning on an OpenSUSE 11.3 system."