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Linux News for Mar 26, 2011

  • Linux: Bacula is for Everyone* (backup software) (2011-03-26 23:11:09)
    ERACC: "I must admit, I have been a tar + cron Unix guy for over 20 years and never really considered anything else necessary for backups on Unix, until now."

  • How Open Source Really Is Changing The World (2011-03-26 20:04:11)
    Network World: "What my generation tried to do with things like 'Radio Free Europe' and 'Radio Marti', is being accomplished almost effortlessly with Facebook, Twitter and the like. The great thing is that it looks like once these technologies are set loose, the Genie is out of the bottle and can't be put back."

  • Documentation and free software (2011-03-26 16:03:26)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "I was just wrapping up the final touches, indulging in the obligatory musings about how, these days, I hardly had to worry about GNU/Linux hardware compatibility -- when, suddenly, I found myself in undocumented territory."

  • Open Goldberg Variations Raises $16,000 in 20 Days for 'Open Source Bach' (2011-03-26 12:02:15)
    SF Gate: "The project's aim is to create a new score and studio recording of J.S. Bach's masterpiece, the Goldberg Variations, and donate them to the public domain."

  • Gnome 3 - This is the end, it seems (2011-03-26 08:13:12)
    Dedoimedo: "I will try to give you two perspectives - that of a casual user and that of a veteran productivity user. After that, we will discuss Gnome 3 in general; what it is, what it isn't, how it should be treated and used."

  • Open sourcers urged to adopt dancing poultry license (2011-03-26 04:02:16)
    The Register: "For every thousand (1,000) units distributed, at least half of the employees or persons affiliated with the product must listen to the 'Der Ententanz' (AKA 'The Chicken Dance') as composed by Werner Thomas for no less than two (2) minutes."

  • FLARE, New Open Source Linux Game Developed Using Open Game Art (2011-03-26 01:05:20)
    Ubuntu Vibes: "FLARE which stands for Free/Libre Action Role Playing Engine is a new game/engine heavily in development. With isometric views and graphics and an action oriented hack 'n' slash gameplay, FLARE very much feels like Diablo series games."