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Linux News for Mar 29, 2011

  • Use Linux and WebDAV to Facilitate Online Collaboration (2011-03-29 23:02:18)
    ServerWatch: "These days, there are more and more ways available to undertake online collaboration, but WebDAV remains a useful and straightforward way to share files, especially as it's supported by plenty of software at both server and client end."

  • Open Source Electronics Pioneer Limor Fried on the DIY Revolution (2011-03-29 21:36:29)
    WIRED: "Limor Fried is a maker's maker. Sure, she's got prime geek credentials: She earned an electrical engineering degree from MIT, invented several delightfully nerdy things to do with Altoid tins, and reverse-engineered the legendary Roland TB-303 synthesizer. Now she runs Adafruit Industries, a New York City company that makes open source electronics kits and components for the growing tide of DIYers."

  • Enabling Compiz Fusion On A Debian Squeeze Desktop (Nvidia GeForce 8200) (2011-03-29 20:09:13)
    HowtoForge: "This tutorial shows how you can enable Compiz Fusion on a Debian Squeeze desktop. With Compiz Fusion you can use beautiful 3D effects like wobbly windows or a desktop cube on your desktop."

  • People behind Debian: Bdale Garbee, chair of the technical committee (2011-03-29 18:07:11)
    apt-get install debian-wizard: "Maybe you have heard the story where he got his beard shaved by Linus Torvalds to raise funds to protect the Tasmanian Devil. More seriously Bdale has played and continue to play a number of important roles in the Debian community."

  • How a Robotics Competition Boosted Collaboration (2011-03-29 16:02:18)
    Datamation Blog: "What I found interesting was seeing how groups of kids have to collaborate to work on fairly big projects in very limited time: they have to design, buy, build and market the necessary spare parts to build a robot in just a few weeks' time, then ship it off to St. Louis and try to make it work under extreme duress during the competitions."

  • BEEP, New Space Explorer and Platformer Coming to Linux in April (2011-03-29 14:16:29)
    Ubuntu Vibes: "Big Fat Alien, a Kelowna based indie game development studio is coming up with new fun space explorer and platformer for Linux in this April called BEEP."

  • Linux distros build on Conary package system (2011-03-29 13:03:19)
    Linux Devices: "Foresight Linux, which our sister site DesktopLinux once called 'the distribution for those who like living on GNOME's cutting edge', has reached version 2.5."

  • Awards Highlight Impact of Open Source Software (2011-03-29 11:32:06)
    Linux Line: "Adding fuel to the celebratory open source fires over the past few days, however, have been several batches of awards recognizing the global impact of various free software projects and contributors."

  • Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Google as Open Source Big Brother (2011-03-29 08:47:19)
    Open Source Fact and Fiction: "Google has set themselves up as 'Big Brother' here and made the decision 'for our own good'. This big brother approach is not going to win them any points or fans in the community, except for the big tablet makers who get a bit of a bigger head start on the market."

  • Get Your Free ERP Software (2011-03-29 06:03:18)
    eCRM GUide: "Open source ERP software vendor OpenERP has launched an online apps library with more than 1,000 free applications."

  • Yahoo to open source non-core technologies (2011-03-29 04:02:32)
    Computer World: "A working group on open source at Yahoo is currently evaluating technologies that could qualify to be released to open source. The company has to first make sure that each of the technologies will really be useful and provide significant value outside Yahoo, before releasing it to open source."

  • What is the Value of Red Hat's Patents? (2011-03-29 01:06:12)
    internetnews.com: "Open Source software and patents aren't exactly the best of friends. That fact has not stopped enterprise Linux leader Red Hat from assembling one of the strongest patent portfolios in the IT business."