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Linux News for Apr 01, 2011

  • Tech Comics: "How to Detect a Geek" (2011-04-01 21:37:04)
    Datamation: "It's always easy to spot a geek. Just show them your family photos."

  • Nokia: We are Open! (2011-04-01 20:02:11)
    Nokia Blog: "We have been working hard to turn most Symbian Foundation era materials into the new framework, for example, checking ownerships and use of rights for masses of documents, and are proud to announce that almost all of the source code is now uploaded to collab.symbian.nokia.com."

  • Mozilla's Do Not Track header gaining ad industry support (2011-04-01 18:01:26)
    ars technica: "Mozilla says that the AP News Registry has implemented support for the DNT header across 800 news sites with 175 million unique visitors."

  • Slitaz Linux 3.0- An awesome 30 Mo Linux distribution (2011-04-01 16:11:34)
    Unixmen: "SliTaz GNU/Linux is a mini distribution and live CD designed to run speedily on hardware with 256 MB of RAM. SliTaz uses BusyBox, a recent Linux kernel and GNU software"

  • Olliance Group Announces Agenda for Napa 2011 Open Source Think Tank (2011-04-01 13:01:38)
    Olliance Group: "he Olliance Group and DLA Piper today announced the availability of the Spring 2011 Open Source Think Tank agenda. The centerpiece of the twice-yearly C-level gathering is a case study featuring AOL."

  • Mozilla kills embedding support for Gecko layout engine (2011-04-01 11:04:21)
    The H Open: "Mozilla has officially ended support for embedding the Gecko layout engine in applications other than Mozilla core applications. The move will have an impact on any application which has used the Firefox layout engine in their applications and the first to announce that it will have to make significant changes is the Camino browser."

  • Linux 2.6.39 RC1 debuts new block device plugging model (2011-04-01 09:02:38)
    Netstat -vat: "The first release candidate for the Linux 2.6.39 kernel is now available. From a performance perspective there is a new block device plugging model."

  • The Fuduntu Programming Challenge (2011-04-01 06:03:29)
    The blog at fewt "Those with the best solutions will be merged into Fuduntu - users using software created by users, for users. There's nothing better for community spirit than to have your community use software created by the community."

  • Gosling, Java's creator, joins Google (2011-04-01 03:18:07)
    Linux and Open Source: "James Gosling, the creator of Java, has joined Google. Oracle, which bought Sun, Gosling's former company, must hate this."