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Linux News for Apr 25, 2011

  • Why Is Ubuntu's Unity Squeezing out GNOME 3? (2011-04-25 22:34:08)
    Datamation: "Not too long ago, I wrote about Ubuntu's embrace of the Unity desktop and what that would mean for Ubuntu users who might prefer a traditional GNOME shell. While users can certainly select the older GNOME shell, the move to the Unity desktop has clearly not been greeted with unanimous applause."

  • Walgreens Improves Server Uptime and Saves Millions in IT Costs with SUSE Linux (2011-04-25 21:08:36)
    Novell: "Nation's largest drugstore chain migrates from UNIX to Linux to increase reliability, reduce cost and accelerate new store setup."

  • Addictive Game 'Family Farm' for Linux Coming Soon to Ubuntu Software Center (2011-04-25 20:02:11)
    Ubuntu Vibes: "Addictive simulation and farming game Family Farm is now available for Linux. The game which focuses on building and maintaining your own farm has RPG elements to it as you can control your character with many RPG attributes like skills etc. Linux version is not available for purchase as of now but it will be released in Ubuntu Software Center soon where users can easily pay for the game and install it in one click."

  • Tesseract-ocr: convert scanned images into editable documents on Linux (2011-04-25 19:07:46)
    Linuxaria: "The argument I'm talking about is the OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition), that is a technology that can recognize text characters from an image of paper documents previously digitized through the scanner and then transform this into an editable text."

  • Panda3D Game Development: Scene Effects and Shaders (2011-04-25 18:12:03)
    PACKT Publishing: "Lights, shadows, and particles are some of this article's topics. Apply shader effects to models. Take control of the advanced shader generator system of Panda3D and learn how to implement your own custom shader generator."

  • 31 great Tutorials for Inkscape! (2011-04-25 17:09:34)
    Unixmen: "In this section of tutorial I have compile basic tutorials for inkscape. All these tutorials are thoroughly elaborated and will help beginners start their journey with inkscape."

  • Open Invention Network Grows, Can it Stop Patent Feuds? (2011-04-25 16:05:28)
    InternetNews: "OIN gained 70 members in the last quarter in a bid to help mitigate open source patent risk, but it's not a silver bullet, or is it?"

  • LibreOffice development on track after Oracle move (2011-04-25 15:07:48)
    ITWorld: Development of the open-source office suite is on track after Oracle's move to dump a commercial version of OpenOffice.org

  • Ubuntu's Unity in 11.04 - Not All That Bad (2011-04-25 14:04:10)
    All Things Linux: An opinion piece and review of the Unity desktop as it is shaping up for Natty.

  • How to dual-boot Linux Mint Debian Edition and Windows 7 (2011-04-25 13:06:00)
    LinuxBSDos: Step-by-step directions on how to dual-boot Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) with Windows 7 on a computer with a single hard drive

  • Running Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) unity 3D on virtualbox 4.x (2011-04-25 12:01:27)
    UbuntuGeek: Forget about bare metal, you want to run Natty virtualized don't you?

  • 10 Easter Eggs in Linux (2011-04-25 11:03:32)
    Linuxaria: No, the Easter Eggs in Linux aren't chocolate covered.

  • Open source gaming - or things I do when I should be working (2011-04-25 10:08:36)
    The H: "For some users computer games are little more than "the things I do when I should be working..."

  • Upgrade openSuse 11.4 To Gnome 3 (2011-04-25 08:09:04)
    Muktware: "openSuse fans, including me, were a bit disappointed to see that the latest version (11.4) of openSuse did not come with Gnome 3."

  • Where is There an End to Him? (2011-04-25 06:09:17)
    ConsortiumInfo.org: "In the past, Linux today linked to many blog entries by Andy Updegrove relating to ODF and OOXML. This blog entry is a "bring down" about one of the major figures in that saga, and the current move by the UK to mandate open source and open standards-friendly standards."

  • New Nvidia Linux Driver Supports Ubuntu 11.04 (2011-04-25 03:07:25)
    Softpedia: "Nvidia launched version 270.41.06 of its graphics driver, which brought initial support for Xorg Server 1.10 and support for the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system."