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Linux News for May 27, 2011

  • Linux mainline contains all the Xen code bits for Dom0 and DomU support (May 27, 2011, 23:02)
    Oracle Blog: "After a relatively long road traveled with a few bumps along the way, as of yesterday, Linus's mainline tree (2.6.39+) contains literally every component needed for Linux to run both as a management domain kernel(Dom0) and a guest(DomU)."

  • Tech Comics: "Techie Kids vs. Nature" (May 27, 2011, 21:36)
    Datamation: kids....

  • Here comes the Chromebooks (May 27, 2011, 20:13)
    Linux and Open Source: "In about three weeks, we can stop talking about how Chromebooks-light-weight laptops running Google's Chrome OS-might, or might not, work in the real world because we'll get our hands on the first two models: the Samsung Series 5 and the Acer Wi-Fi Chromebook."

  • How To Upgrade From Fedora 14 To Fedora 15 (Desktop & Server) (May 27, 2011, 19:13)
    HowtoForge: "This article describes how you can upgrade your Fedora 14 system to Fedora 15. The upgrade procedure works for both desktop and server installations."

  • BonitaSoft Open Source BPM 5.5 Adds Social and Collaboration Features (May 27, 2011, 18:01)
    Enterprise Apps Today: "Bonita Open Solution (BOS) 5.5 includes many upgrades that were the result of feedback from the company's 5,500 community users and 150 customers and are designed to assist with developing, testing and managing BPM applications."

  • Skype Ends Support For Open-Source Digium Asterisk VOIP PBX (May 27, 2011, 17:11)
    eWeek: "Two weeks after Microsoft said it would acquire Skype, the voice over IP company has begun cutting its ties with the open-source world. Asterisk was the first partner cut loose."

  • 6 Even Better Open Source Graphics Programs (May 27, 2011, 15:07)
    Small Business Computing: "If you're looking for free-of-cost Adobe software replacements, forget it. Everyone wants Adobe for free. I want beer and ponies for free, but I'm not going to get them, just like nobody is getting Adobe for free. Not legally, anyway. If you want Adobe then buy Adobe. If you want to expand your horizons and check out the wealth of great free/open source (FOSS) graphics software then walk this way."

  • SAMBA and Share Configuration Through YaST (May 27, 2011, 14:04)
    Begin Linux: "This OpenSUSE desktop tutorial explains how to how to setup and configure SAMBA and share configuration using YaST."

  • Protecting the foundations of Linux – an interview with Jim Zemlin (May 27, 2011, 13:01)
    Linux User & Developer magazine: "Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, and Linux User's 100th issue special guest editor chats about the 20th anniversary of Linux"

  • The Increasingly Irrelevant Desktop OS (May 27, 2011, 12:08)
    ZDnet: "Virtualization and cloud-computing will save the desktop operating system but we really just need a way to launch applications."

  • How to install Fedora 15 on an encrypted btrfs file system (May 27, 2011, 11:04)
    linuxbsdos: "Fedora 15, the latest stable release of the Red Hat-sponsored Linux distribution, is the first Fedora release to have btrfs as a file system option during the installation process. "

  • WordPress Gets Clickjacking Protection (May 27, 2011, 10:00)
    eSecurityPlanet: "The open source WordPress blogging application is being updated to version 3.1.3 this week adding multiple security fixes and improvements. "

  • The 5 best reasons to root your Android phone (May 27, 2011, 09:13)
    It World: "Here lies the standard disclaimer: rooting your phone's firmware is probably a violation of your warranty, and using that rooted phone in unauthorized fashion, like, say, tethering your Android data connection to a laptop, is almost certainly a breach of contract."

  • Citrix Adopts OpenStack for Project Olympus (May 27, 2011, 08:03)
    ServerWatch: "This week, Citrix launched its effort to bring the open source cloud technology to the home of Zeus with Project Olympus. "

  • Syncany: A Great Dropbox Alternative Which Supports Multiple Storage Types (May 27, 2011, 07:02)
    Web UPD8: "Syncany is a brand new open-source file sync software (similar to Dropbox, or Sparkleshare). Besides the fact that it's open source, Syncany encrypts the data on your machine so your files are safe."

  • 4 money-saving, open source business intelligence suites (May 27, 2011, 05:13)
    IT World: "Business intelligence (BI) is one of those buzzphrases that sound super-cool, but are often misunderstood. What is business intelligence and should you care? Do you need to drop a giant bucket of money on BI?"

  • First beta of KDE 4.7 arrives for testing (May 27, 2011, 03:00)
    The H: "According to the developers, the final release of KDE SC 4.7.0 is expected to arrive on 27 July 2011."