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Linux News for Apr 26, 2012

  • The New Desktop Paradigm: Blame the Success of Linux on the Desktop (2012-04-26 19:00:00)
    O'Reilly Community: The new Windows 8 Metro desktop, the latest incarnation of Mac OSX, Android, Ubuntu's Unity desktop and GNOME 3, love them or hate them, all came about because of the success of Linux on the desktop.

  • Fedora 17 beta review - Miraculously beefy (2012-04-26 17:00:00)
    Linux User & Developer: Dubbed Beefy Miracle, the release of the beta was delayed for three weeks while further testing and bug fixing was done to meet the stringent requirements set down by the team.

  • Most Popular Linux Distribution: Ubuntu (and Its Variants) (2012-04-26 16:00:00)
    LifeHacker: Ubuntu (and its variants) took the top spot with room to spare—bringing in just over 51% of the overall vote.

  • Manual disk partitioning guide for Linux Mint Debian (2012-04-26 15:00:00)
    LinuxBSDos.com: Though the default disk partitioning scheme works, you may find yourself in a situation that requires creating partitions manually. At such times, you need to have a good knowledge of disks and disk partitions in Linux to create the partitions you need.

  • Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin (2012-04-26 14:00:00)
    Ubuntu Vibes: Though Ubuntu 12.04 comes with quicklists for most of the apps, you can add custom quicklists support to your favorite apps.

  • Open source is driving business app development (2012-04-26 13:00:00)
    InfoWorld: As part of its annual Open Source Software Development Survey, Sonatype queried 2,500 developers, architects, and IT managers across all industries, company sizes, and geographic regions so as to better understand how organizations adopt, use, and support open source software.

  • Striping Across Four Storage Nodes With GlusterFS 3.2.x On Ubuntu 11.10 (2012-04-26 12:00:00)
    HowtoForge: This tutorial shows how to do data striping (segmentation of logically sequential data, such as a single file, so that segments can be assigned to multiple physical devices in a round-robin fashion and thus written concurrently) across four single storage servers (running Ubuntu 11.10) with GlusterFS.

  • Ubuntu 12.04 Review Roundup (2012-04-26 11:15:00)
    Editors Note: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, The Precise Pangolin is officially available today and we've had no shortage of Linux Today readers contributing links (Thanks! and keep 'em coming) about it.

  • Introducing CloudOpen: Why Now and Why The Linux Foundation? (2012-04-26 09:00:00)
    Linux.com: You may be asking yourself, "Why another cloud event?"

  • A RAW Feast on the Linux Darktable (Photo Editor ) (2012-04-26 08:00:00)
    Linux.com: The Darktable RAW photo editor, light table and workflow manager takes a different approach to photo editing and management. The interface takes some getting used to; is it worth the learning curve?

  • Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) released! (2012-04-26 07:04:00)
    Ubuntu: The Ubuntu team is very pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) for Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core products.

  • Gameplay 1.2, open source game development framework, released (2012-04-26 06:00:00)
    LinuxBSDos: Gameplay 1.2, a cross-platform, C++ game framework designed for learning and writing mobile and desktop games, has been released

  • 60+ Practical find commands examples with explanation (2012-04-26 05:00:00)
    Linux Juggernaut: find command is very much powerful command which can do good work when its needed to find files with conditions.

  • The 16 Linux Shell Commands Every Desktop Linux User Should Know (2012-04-26 04:00:00)
    HPIO: True, you don't need to know Linux shell commands these days; you can get along just fine with a GUI interface. But the command-line tools can still come in darned handy sometimes. Here's the commands with which Linux desktop users should be most familiar, and guidelines about when to use them.

  • IBM pushes new integrated, lower-cost Linux servers (2012-04-26 02:00:00)
    ITWorld: IBM announced new "affordable" Linux servers on Wednesday as the company tries to push its new category of preconfigured servers for virtualization and big data to midmarket and enterprise customers.