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Linux News for Jun 01, 2012

  • Charles H. Schulz Joins Mandriva Recovery Team (2012-06-01 17:00:00)
    OSTATIC: This is the most encouraging information to come out the Mandriva project in a while. The turn-over to the community was predictable, what else can an essentially bankrupt company do?

  • Zurmo Open Source CRM Beta Adds Gamification (2012-06-01 16:00:00)
    Enterprise Apps Today: Zurmo's point system aims to engage sales forces by offering an experience akin to Foursquare, which rewards users checking into locations with badges and mayorships.

  • Fedora 17 Install Codecs, Drivers and Fonts in under 5 minutes (2012-06-01 15:00:00)
    Unixmen: In this article we will see how to download and install all the Fedora 17 extras', easily and fast.

  • High-Availability Storage With GlusterFS 3.0.x On Debian Squeeze (2012-06-01 14:00:00)
    HowtoForge: This tutorial shows how to set up a high-availability storage with two storage servers (Debian Squeeze) that use GlusterFS.

  • Fedora Linux capitulates to Microsoft boot certificate (2012-06-01 13:00:00)
    IT World: In order to get its Linux distribution to run on the next generation of secured desktop computing hardware, the Fedora Project will obtain a digital signature from Microsoft, a developer from the project announced Wednesday.

  • Privacy practices of the Internet's biggest companies (2012-06-01 12:00:00)
    Help Net Security: When you use the Internet, you entrust your thoughts, experiences, locations, and more to companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. But what happens when the government asks these companies to hand over your private information? Will the company stand with you?

  • Webopedia Term of the Day: What is Flame (malware)? (2012-06-01 11:00:00)
    Webopedia: An extremely sophisticated strain of malware that shares similarities with Stuxnet, although Flame is much more massive in terms of complexity and size, at 30MB or larger when all modules have been installed vs. Stuxnet's 500KB.

  • Set up your Raspberry Pi like a pro (2012-06-01 10:00:00)
     var/blog/messages: The Raspberry Pi, unlike most embedded systems I have used, has the added bonus of an X server

  • Install Cinnamon 1.4 on Fedora 17 (2012-06-01 09:00:00)
     LinuxBSDos: Cinnamon appeals to many because it offers the familiar look and feel of the type of desktop environment they are used to.

  • SkyDrive Support Coming to GNOME 3.6 (2012-06-01 08:00:00)
     Softpedia: A developer for the GNOME Project, announced on his blog that initial support for SkyDrive has been implemented in the daily builds of the GNOME Documents app

  • Unity Dash Extension for Gnome Shell Released (2012-06-01 07:00:00)
    UbuntuVibes: A launcher that is a fusion of the Ubuntu dash, the Gnome-shell overview and the classic Gnome 2.

  • Using The New GIMP Cage Transform Tool (2012-06-01 06:00:00)
     BeginLinux: Gimp 2.8 comes with several exciting features that have enhanced my work flow.

  • Linux Today Roundup: Oracle API Claims Defeated (2012-06-01 05:00:00)
    Editor's Note: The biggest legal news yet this year for Linux users  - and anyone that values and respects software freedom has come down and Linux Today readers have been sending us lots of links.

  • Download Ubuntu Secure Remix 12.04 (2012-06-01 04:00:00)
    Softpedia: Ubuntu Secured Remix 12.04 is actually based on the Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) operating system and is a slightly modified version of the Ubuntu Desktop Live CD.

  • Open source still feared within Whitehall, says IT architect (2012-06-01 02:00:00)
    The Guardian: The government is missing opportunities to make significant savings by dismissing open source software when procuring products, Tariq Rashid, lead architect at the Home Office, has said.