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Rediff: Saving Private Data -- A Primer on Computer Security

Jun 03, 1999, 10:50 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Srikant Sreenivasan)

Thanks to Lynn Desa for this link.

"There is bound to be significant lack of trust in computing if non-technical people like ordinary computer users to important decision makers don't make the effort to understand how information is secured on computers and computer networks.

"This article, hence, is an attempt to bring the issues of security to the laity. A primer, if you will, with links for further reading."

"malicious intent need not be the only bogey. A simple mistake can do substantial harm. An erased file is as much of a problem whether deleted accidentally or maliciously. After all, a foolish friend is more dangerous than a clever enemy is."

"If you have not been attacked as yet, it's just because nobody has set sights on you.

"Rest assured that before long somebody will, and at that point you can be saved only if you take security seriously now.

"In Western countries, crackers are hired specifically for corporate espionage. In India, this phenomenon has already started in a small way."

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