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Security Portal: Who Needs Virus Protection on Linux?

Jun 28, 1999, 00:37 (11 Talkback[s])
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Thanks to Jim Reavis for this link.

"Linux Virus Protection, you say, isn't that redundant? Why Linux itself is virus protection. A malicious program that seeks to infect system files is going to have very little success when invoked by a non-root user. So while our hearts are filled with great sorrow over the travails of our Windows friends who have had to do battle with Melissa, Chernobyl and ExploreZip, we have felt insulated from those threats ourselves. Those days are rapidly coming to an end. Not because Linux is highly susceptible to virii, but because the key to enterprise acceptance of Linux is its ability to be highly integrated with corporate standards, even if it means solving problems caused by other operating systems."

"In this increasingly interconnected world, the indirect effects of problematic systems can be felt by everyone. When the Melissa virus hit, some Linux servers' sendmail became overloaded with messages and had to shut down. When ExploreZip exploded, some Linux servers running Samba had to contend with Windows clients deleting data files, which had to be restored. In this sense, Linux is only immune to virii if you unplug it from the network."

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