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mutt-1.0pre3 released - fixes security problem

Sep 28, 1999, 14:46 (0 Talkback[s])

[ From Thomas Roessler via the BUGTRAQ mailing list. ]

Mutt 1.0pre3 is out. This is another version from the release candidate series. The reason for immediately releasing this version is a buffer overflow in the text/enriched handler which can be triggered by means of suitably-formatted e-mail messages. Thus, we recommend you upgrade your mutt installations immediately.

If a complete upgrade to the new mutt version is not an option for you, please apply the patch which can be found under the following URL:

Download information

You can retrieve the distribution files from the following sites:

Most of the mirror sites will need some hours to fetch the new version.


The following checksums have been generated using the md5sum(1) utility. Note that, for the tar balls, detached PGP signatures are available.

26bdd3ac6c70ed9215c7a7ba2deb10a6  diff-1.0pre2-1.0pre3.gz
20fa60e133ae10a2d4796c55968929c0  diff-1.0pre2i-1.0pre3i.gz
9095588285cc4cb5ca630b030e76543a  mutt-1.0pre3.tar.gz
11d65ce99f5eff0a0b4670c2d6b30579  mutt-1.0pre3i.tar.gz