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Security Portal: Web server round-up, Part 2

Dec 15, 1999, 23:36 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Kurt Seifried)

"Last month I started the web server round up, and unfortunately it looks like I bit off a lot more then I can chew. Properly testing each web server takes a lot of time (10-30 hours), and that doesn't include any time to actually write about the results. Well I've finally worked my way through most of the servers, and it's been interesting. A web server isn't any good if you can't get it installed properly, configured properly, or if it simply does not posses the feature set you require. The majority of these products do allow you to download demonstration versions (or are completely free in some cases), I would advise trying them out first to make sure you end up with the one you want (in other words don't believe everything you read, including this =)."

"Ease of installation"

"This is an obvious choice for the first thing to cover, if you can't get the server installed properly it's probably not going to do you much good. In some cases the installation required compiling of software components, but the majority of the commercial products that are OpenSource (and partially or completely available as source code) came in binary format, easing installation. Where possible I used binary installations, as this is what the majority of users will opt to do (I have nothing against compiling personally, but most people will take the path of least resistance, myself included). For the "free" SSL based server that use OpenSSL you also have to compile or find a binary of OpenSSL, so I included that in the process where it was required. In all cases I would recommend getting the most recent version, they will contain any needed bug fixes, and any installation/compiling problems that exist in older ones have probably been fixed. All my installations were done on a stock Red Hat 6.1 box, and in no case did I hit any significant difficulties, in most cases the installs took less then 5 minutes."

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