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Time to organize against DVD lawyers.

Jan 27, 2000, 02:45 (25 Talkback[s])
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By Eric Harlow

It appears that it is time to organize and fight the DVD lawyers. I think these items are pretty effective.

(1) Join EFF. Even a cheap student membership helps the organization fight for our rights to play DVD's on Linux. Visit www.eff.org to join.

(2) Hit them where it hurts. Boycott DVD's. Encourage your friends and family to boycott DVD's. I was going to buy a DVD player, but I'm boycotting them until this fight is resolved to my satisfaction.

(3) Keep their lawyers busy. Make it costly for them to go after everyone. Mirror here, mirror there, mirror everywhere. Them lawyers are expensive - give them something to do by hunting down all those mirrors. This is about our rights to play DVD's that we purchase. (Or would purchase if we could play them.)

(4) Correct stories that say it's about hackers copying DVD's. CNN posted an incorrect story about the DVD court case that seemed like it was dictated to them by the DVD lawyers. I complained about it and the next story was about how we were fighting to play DVD's on Linux. Do it nicely - no flames.

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