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Linux.About.com: Workstation Security Primer

May 03, 2000, 00:37 (0 Talkback[s])

"There are an awful lot of crackers and "script kiddies" out there, and the number increases every day. If you administer a Linux network or a series of Linux servers, you're probably already security conscious, but if you're in the fastest growing segment of Linux users -- the Linux on the desktop or Linux at home camp -- you probably are in need of a little security advice, even if you don't know it yet."

"Believe it or not, network security can be just as important on a personal desktop workstation as it can be in a corporate datacenter, at least from your point of view. There are any number of heartless small-time vandals out there who won't think twice about breaking into and rooting (in a sense, taking over) your Linux workstation, even if you're just using a modem and a local ISP to access the 'net. If you're using a broadband connection like cable or full-time DSL, your desktop machine's chances of being hacked are even greater."

"What happens when your machine is hacked by one of these persons? Well, in the best case, anything and everything on your system will become available to them, including your work, your e-mail, your personal letters and/or diaries, and even credit card or other sensitive information that may be stored in money applications or browser cookies. In the worse case, you could wake up one morning after leaving your system "connected" all night to find that you can't log in, or even that everything on your system has been erased in its entirety -- not a scenario to make the average home computer user jump up and down with glee, to say the least."

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