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LinuxPlanet: There but for the Grace of Bill....

May 05, 2000, 17:46 (13 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Scott Courtney)

[ Thanks to Kevin Reichard for this link. ]

"As a Linux user, I gleefully quipped to anyone who'd listen that I was immune to anything written in VBScript. ... I'm sure FreeBSD, Mac, BeOS, Amiga, UNIX, and mainframe users around the world were doing the same thing as we all listened to the clueless journalists announcing a major, worldwide e-mail crisis. ... Well, my little droogies, we are all so busy whistling in the dark that we don't see the headlight of an oncoming train. After these goofballs get tired of Windows, they'll turn their attention to Linux, and we will look even worse than Bill and the Boys from Redmond do today."

"HTML e-mail is an atrocity of its own, at least the way it's currently implemented in Netscape and in Outlook. ...HTML mail has some ugly side effects, and they are largely the same on Linux as they are in Windows. The only difference is that Windows users have more choices of active content that can be sent inside an HTML message; the underlying problem is the same."

"...we should be thankful to Bill Gates for being our stunt double. ...the current state of leading e-mail programs, from a security standpoint, is abysmal. This is true no matter which operating system you're using. By being the overwhelming market leader, Microsoft has graciously volunteered to take most of the hits from virii and worms. There but for the grace of Bill go we. As Linux becomes more popular, and starts appealing to less skilled users, we are condemned to the same fate as the Windows community. More Linux users will attract more Linux attacks..."

"The difference is that we will suffer more in the press and in the highly-unfair court of public opinion. The problem is that we Penguinistas have claimed for so long that our system is more secure."

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