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RootPrompt.org: Cracked! Part 5: Rebuilding

Jun 12, 2000, 14:45 (0 Talkback[s])

"This is the fifth part of the story of a community network that was cracked and what was done to recover from it. The first part Cracked! Part1: Denial and truth details the report that leads to the discovery that the community network was indeed cracked and some of the initial reactions. The second article Cracked! Part 2: Watching and Waiting talks about how they learned more about the cracker and what they did next. The third Cracked! Part 3: Hunting the hunter talks about some of the efforts made to track down the cracker and some surprises. The fourth Cracked! Part 4: The Sniffer tells how they found the sniffer that the cracker was running on their network and what they did next. This article covers the rebuilding of the system to recover from the crack and fix some long standing problems. Future articles detail their conversations with the cracker on IRC, the hole they missed and the crackers revenge."

"By this point we have realized that we must get the cracker off of our machines before it is to late. It is only a matter of time before he trashes our system to clean up his tracks, gets a sniffer running under a different architecture or uses us to launch some denial of service attack. The FBI have not delivered anything even though they always sound positive about the situation whenever we talk to them. The next step is up to us."

"There are pros and cons involved in attempting a rebuild. First on the pro side we will have the opportunity to set things up in a planned manner, not the randomness caused by the equipment slowly coming in as it was donated. We will be able to get all of the machines running a newer version of their operating systems and the machines of the same architecture will be running the same versions of the operating system. On the negative side it will be a lot of work (remember I was a volunteer) more than I can do in my spare time so I will have to take off from work. Other people will also have to take off work. There is the chance that we will do all of this and the cracker will still be able to crack us bringing us most of the way back to were we started from except that he will know that we know about him, and there is the chance that we will tip our hand and the cracker will destroy things to cover up his tracks before we can lock him out."

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