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Linux Gazette: Building a Secure Gatway System

Jul 15, 2000, 19:35 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Chris Stoddard)

"In issue 51 of the Linux Gazette, the article titled "Private Networks and RoadRunner using IP masquerading", explains how to setup a Linux based gateway with good security in mind. The authors suggest starting with a clean install of Linux, which is an excellent idea, as security starts with a secure install, and that is what this article is about. When finished this will be a very lean install, weighing in at about 130 MB plus swap, there will be no X Windows, though I like to install Midnight Commander for file management."

"I'm going to make a couple of assumptions here, first, you know how to install Linux and are familiar with its use. Second I assume you are setting up a gateway computer permanently attached to the internet be it by cable modem, DSL or whatever and will not be used for anything else like a ftp, telnet or web server."

"My machine is an old Dell Optiplex 466/MXe, it is a 486 DX2 66, with 16 MB of RAM, a 512 MB Hard Drive, a sound card and a 4X IDE CDROM. I acquired this one for $50 and upgraded it to a 486DX4 100, 40 MB of RAM, I removed the sound card and added 2 network cards, a SCSI card and installed a 320 MB SCSI hard drive, all of which I had in spare parts. The minimum system you will need, is a 486 (any flavor), 16 MB of RAM, 200 MB hard drive, two network cards and either a CDROM or the ability to do a network install. You will also need a copy of RedHat Linux 6.x. Although any distribution will work just fine, I will only cover RedHat. The system will only need a monitor during the install, after that it can run headless and can be administered remotely using Openssh."

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