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LinuxPPC.org: LinuxPPC Security Primer, Part II

Jan 08, 2001, 21:50 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Jeff Vagle)

"If you're like most LinuxPPC users, a large portion of your computing time is spent using network-based applications, either explicitly or implicitly. Unless you maintain a private physical link with each computer you communicate with, this means that your are both sending and receiving data over shared networks. And this in turn means that your communications are potentially vulnerable to inquisitive (but unwelcome) eavesdroppers."

"Why does this matter?" you might ask. "If I'm just browsing a few web sites, checking my email, and occasionally logging in to a machine at work or school, do I really need to worry about this?" Well, if you don't want to freely reveal personal information (i.e. phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers), or if you wish to keep your email contents private, or if you wish to avoid giving complete strangers access to your computers at work or school, then you really should concern yourself with this. Our goal here is not to be alarmist. Many poorly researched articles in the mainstream media would have the average computer user believing that simply waving a phone line anywhere near your computer opens up your personal, financial, and academic records to any number of would-be crackers. This article will outline the facts regarding Linux communications security, stressing any precautions that should be taken, and addressing options that may be available to you. This way, you (the LinuxPPC user) can make informed decisions with regard to how secure you wish your communications to be."

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