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Debian Security Advisory: New version of sgml-tools available

Mar 08, 2001, 07:06 (0 Talkback[s])
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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 02:52:56 +0100
From: Martin Schulze
To: Debian Security Announcements
Subject: [SECURITY] [DSA 038-1] New version of sgml-tools available

Debian Security Advisory DSA-038-1                                                               Martin Schulze 
March 8, 2001

Package        : sgml-tools
Vulnerability  : insecure use of tempfiles
Type           : local tempfile problem
Debian-specific: no
Fixed version  : 1.0.9-15
Former versions of sgml-tools created temporary files directly in /tmp in an insecure fashion. Version 1.0.9-15 and higher create a subdirectory first and open temporary files within that directory.

We recommend you upgrade your sgml-tools package.

wget url
        will fetch the file for you
dpkg -i file.deb
        will install the referenced file.
You may use an automated update by adding the resources from the footer to the proper configuration.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 alias potato

Potato was released for the alpha, arm, i386, m68k, powerpc and sparc architectures.

Source archives:
MD5 checksum: 41187c94c4c112253543c50a834c223c
MD5 checksum: 5092e08e04f8ad13a594335a718490b4
MD5 checksum: 872d55460634c4e7fb84e06e946989c7

Intel ia32 architecture:
MD5 checksum: bc2d3d8eea05c1b0495724390b2099a4

Motorola 680x0 architecture:
MD5 checksum: b387d59f20d79d0ac37375e5b009c7e1

Sun Sparc architecture:
MD5 checksum: 4ca530c6d43a0d7bd05c9857316467db

Alpha architecture:
MD5 checksum: 52745714a737dd035f56c9952f356470

PowerPC architecture:
MD5 checksum: 946a6aa2b2517cca2c35a6ec28eafabf

ARM architecture:
MD5 checksum: cc5f223311f462895e56cdf624a61367

These files will be moved into*/binary-$arch/ soon.

For not yet released architectures please refer to the appropriate directory$arch/ .

For apt-get: deb stable/updates main
For dpkg-ftp: dists/stable/updates/main
Mailing list:
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