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Immunix OS Security Advisory: openssh

Mar 27, 2001, 20:08 (2 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Greg Kroah-Hartman)

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:32:38 -0800
From: Greg KH greg@WIREX.COM
Subject: Immunix OS Security update for openssh

        Immunix OS Security Advisory

Packages updated:       openssh
Affected products:      Immunix OS 6.2, 7.0-beta, and 7.0
Bugs Fixed:             immunix/1511
Date:                   March 26, 2001
Advisory ID:            IMNX-2001-70-009-01
Author:                 Greg Kroah-Hartman 


Solar Designer has posted an excellent analysis of problems in current versions of numerous SSH protocol implementations. These problems can allow an attacker that is monitoring encrypted SSH sessions to obtain sensitive information. For more information on this, please see

WireX has released new versions of the OpenSSH packages that addresses these problems. This is also the first available release of OpenSSH for Immunix 6.2. All Immunix users are urged to upgrade to these new packages.

Package names and locations:

Precompiled binary packages for Immunix 6.2 are available at:

Source package for Immunix 6.2 is available at:

Precompiled binary packages for Immunix 7.0-beta and 7.0 are available at:

Source package for Immunix 7.0-beta and 7.0 is available at:

md5sums of the packages:
dd3c264aa42a3737057a31456ba2cbb3 openssh-2.5.2p2-1_StackGuard_2.i386.rpm
319be30c75be32c8e5caf218ae68d9e6 openssh-askpass-2.5.2p2-1_StackGuard_2.i386.rpm
c3b23e55e7e43c8f25cf53bca818007f openssh-askpass-gnome-2.5.2p2-1_StackGuard_2.i386.rpm
b13f9cb659916a912dc2c13bd7ecaa27 openssh-clients-2.5.2p2-1_StackGuard_2.i386.rpm
8a3386984e4de37e314a3ca9e9925c48 openssh-server-2.5.2p2-1_StackGuard_2.i386.rpm
a33741ce29faa75bc93601c568f68deb openssh-2.5.2p2-1_StackGuard_2.src.rpm

1ea6e409d96ad90d02d3523c46f58ffc openssh-2.5.2p2-1_imnx_2.i386.rpm
bbc07d1db6b74c909e89c6ed672767ba openssh-askpass-2.5.2p2-1_imnx_2.i386.rpm
28e9e9d368f6357a80ac1a90c61c4dae openssh-clients-2.5.2p2-1_imnx_2.i386.rpm
611b75b709ac04f93e21f680ac4e3ee1 openssh-server-2.5.2p2-1_imnx_2.i386.rpm
20ca2ae3fa8fbc71b5eca9eea30dc438 openssh-2.5.2p2-1_imnx_2.src.rpm
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