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Immunix OS Security update for gnupg

May 01, 2001, 03:30 (0 Talkback[s])
From:   Greg KH <greg@WIREX.COM>
Subject:        Immunix OS Security update for gnupg
Date:   30 Apr 2001 17:17:03 -0700

        Immunix OS Security Advisory

Packages updated: gnupg Affected products: Immunix OS 6.2, 7.0-beta, and 7.0 Bugs Fixed: immunix/1583 Date: April 30, 2001 Advisory ID: IMNX-2001-70-018-01 Author: Greg Kroah-Hartman <greg@wirex.com>

A new version of GnuPG, 1.0.5, has been released that fixes a number of bugs and security problems, including a widely-publicized vulnerability that makes it easier for the attacker to recover your private key if they can steal your key ring. As always, the confidentiality of your key ring is paramount to the security of public key encryption. For a full list of everything that has changed in this release, please see:

All Immunix OS users are encouraged to upgrade to this latest version.

Package names and locations:

Precompiled binary package for Immunix 6.2 is available at: http://download.immunix.org/ImmunixOS/6.2/updates/RPMS/gnupg-1.0.5-2_StackGuard.i386.rpm

Source package for Immunix 6.2 is available at: http://download.immunix.org/ImmunixOS/6.2/updates/SRPMS/gnupg-1.0.5-2_StackGuard.src.rpm

Precompiled binary package for Immunix 7.0-beta and 7.0 is available at: http://download.immunix.org/ImmunixOS/7.0/updates/RPMS/gnupg-1.0.5-2_imnx.i386.rpm

Source package for Immunix 7.0-beta and 7.0 is available at: http://download.immunix.org/ImmunixOS/7.0/updates/SRPMS/gnupg-1.0.5-2_imnx.src.rpm

md5sums of the packages:
d89b4a6bbc78f4da7b20e4c0b367f7ed gnupg-1.0.5-2_StackGuard.i386.rpm/ 422e10e7a7bc2d71baf0e0d4ef364a00 gnupg-1.0.5-2_StackGuard.src.rpm/
8cf90bccdf00b147b2ebfc9e4718c79a gnupg-1.0.5-2_imnx.i386.rpm/ be18f7efcbcf15533742d50ea2b39083 gnupg-1.0.5-2_imnx.src.rpm/

Online version of all Immunix 6.2 updates and advisories: http://immunix.org/ImmunixOS/6.2/updates/

Online version of all Immunix 7.0-beta updates and advisories: http://immunix.org/ImmunixOS/7.0-beta/updates/

Online version of all Immunix 7.0 updates and advisories: http://immunix.org/ImmunixOS/7.0/updates/

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