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Yahoo!/ZDNet: IT bugs out over IIS security

Jul 23, 2001, 16:34 (25 Talkback[s])

According to this article, plenty of people are tired of Microsoft IIS's security problems, but inertia and the lack of qualified Unix security experts is holding back adoption of alternative platforms (read: Apache) in some shops:

"...Security consultancy @Stake Inc. estimates that IIS holds 25 percent of the market for enterprise Web servers, yet more than 50 percent of the Web sites listed on the Attrition.org archive of defaced sites are running IIS.

Despite the widespread perception of IIS as a nonsecure server, many customers say that, because it is the default Web server with Windows NT and Windows 2000 (news - web sites), it will remain their server of choice because they are too committed to Microsoft to make a switch practical or affordable. In real-world terms, this means large portions of the Internet will remain vulnerable as long as this attitude prevails.

"I would switch if I could convince my company to do it," said Jeff Nelson, network manager at Cleveland Motion Controls Inc., in Cleveland, and an IIS user. "It's hard to find good Unix (news - web sites) security guys, though. But [Microsoft's] new licensing policies do make dumping them a lot more attractive."

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