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Trustix releases Trustix Secure Linux version 1.5

Aug 22, 2001, 18:20 (0 Talkback[s])

TRONDHEIM, August 22, 2001 - Today Trustix announced the new version of Trustix Secure Linux. The new TSL 1.5 has a wide range of new features, such as automatic updating of programs and support for xDSL and DHCP.

Trustix Secure Linux is Trustix' own open source Linux server distribution with strong emphasis on security, performance and stability. The new TSL version is based on version 2.2.19 of the Linux kernel.

"The 1.5 version provides a number of features requested by our users. One of the most important is the SWUP, a program that enables automatic and seamless software updating and upgrading over the Internet IP networks," says Jo Uthus, Vice President of Engineering at Trustix.

With an updated version of the Samba server, TSL 1.5 can be a PDC even to Windows 2000 SP2. For enhanced security, sysklogd now runs as a normal unprivileged user and xntpd uses capabilities to run as a normal user with only a few privileges. Some packages have been updated to ease the task of running TSL 1.5 with a 2.4 series linux kernel.

"Trustix Secure Linux is a Linux OS with a primary focus on stability and security, and our new version fulfills the needs for a highly secure and high performing server. And it seems that the market likes it, too; the number of TSL downloads from more than 20,000 sites has exceeded 50,000," says Håvard Wollan, CEO of Trustix.

Trustix Secure Linux is open source and is downloadable for free at the Trustix web site, www.trustix.com. A complete package containing the CD-ROM with the Trustix Secure Linux, source code and documentation, can be ordered from Trustix' e-shop at USD 39 or purchased from Trustix' global network of distributors and resellers.

For a full description and a complete list of the features of TSL 1.5, see http://www.trustix.net/products/trustix-1.5/

About Trustix
Trustix is a leading provider of Internet infrastructure software and services, providing next generation solutions for software and contents provisioning and systems administration. Trustix XPloy is the leading systems management solution for Linux. Other products from Trustix include the XSentry firewall and security administrator and Trustix Secure Linux, the high performance, secure and stable Linux operating system developed by Trustix and used by customers worldwide. Trustix AS is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Trondheim, Norway. For more information about Trustix, please visit the Trustix web site at www.trustix.com .

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