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InternetWeek: Work-Ready Linux

Sep 09, 2001, 08:39 (7 Talkback[s])
"Since its debut in 1991, Linux has continued to quickly evolve as a desktop alternative operating system, as well as an alternative network OS.

We looked at four popular Linux distributions--Caldera OpenLinux Server 3.1, Mandrake ProSuite 8.0, Red Hat Professional Server 7.1 and SuSE Linux Professional 7.2--to see how they worked alongside Windows NT, the technology most likely to be used on the same class of hardware as that used for most Linux installations.

We were particularly interested in how Linux behaved in key networking and Internet application support situations. In testing the latest versions, we found that there were significant differences, even though all of the tools are based on the same Linux core. From Red Hat's support to Caldera's installation ease and SuSE's strong security and administration, each distribution has features tailored to a particular set of needs and a company's place along the Linux adoption curve."

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