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Red Hat Security Advisory: Comprehensive Printing Update

Nov 02, 2001, 00:03 (0 Talkback[s])
Subject: [RHSA-2001:138-10] Comprehensive Printing Update
From: bugzilla@redhat.com
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 18:00 -0500

                   Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis:          Comprehensive Printing Update
Advisory ID:       RHSA-2001:138-10
Issue date:        2001-10-22
Updated on:        2001-10-31
Product:           Red Hat Linux
Keywords:          Omni printing ghostscript foomatic printconf
Cross references:  

1. Topic:

A collection of security fixes, bug fixes, and functionality updates,
including the Omni print drivers from IBM.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Linux 7.2 - i386

3. Problem description:

This update addresses the following issues:

A printing security hole, whereby non-local users could print the contents
of any file on the system which the 'lp' user was capable of reading. This
was solved by giving Ghostscript a 'PARANOIDSAFER' mode, which will not
open external files.

A foomatic printing database bug, which caused all users of the 'stp'
driver, including virtually all Epson printers, to fail to print as a
result of miscalculated driver data.

A filtration problem, which caused many PCL and PJL printers to produce
garbage. This was solved by switching to the foomatic distributed
'lpdomatic' program for filtration.

A few printconf crashers in the new printconf-tui programme.

And in addition, this update adds the Omni print drivers from IBM, which
support an additional 300 printers.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

To update all RPMs for your particular architecture, run:

rpm -Fvh [filenames]

where [filenames] is a list of the RPMs you wish to upgrade.  Only those
RPMs which are currently installed will be updated.  Those RPMs which are
not installed but included in the list will not be updated.  Note that you
can also use wildcards (*.rpm) if your current directory only contains
desired RPMs.

After updating the rpms, you will need to restart your print server, by

/sbin/service lpd restart

Please note that this update is also available via Red Hat Network.  Many
people find this an easier way to apply updates.  To use Red Hat Network,
launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the following command:


This will start an interactive process that will result in the appropriate
RPMs being upgraded on your system.

5. Bug IDs fixed (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla for more info):

6. RPMs required:

Red Hat Linux 7.2:



7. Verification:

MD5 sum                           Package Name
b5fb0f362d02b7603a6457f9f22c7805 7.2/en/os/SRPMS/Omni-0.5.0-4.src.rpm
c5d165452bbfe1a0012f056312894c11 7.2/en/os/SRPMS/foomatic-1.1-0.20011018.3.src.rpm
835ebff65ba009ca2fe357d85d1a32bf 7.2/en/os/SRPMS/ghostscript-6.51-16.src.rpm
080116d5dd7f3808a0b480ec08ad3f75 7.2/en/os/SRPMS/printconf-0.3.52-1.src.rpm
cfed0e7eb8816db262b2d7fdc8ea6c65 7.2/en/os/i386/Omni-0.5.0-4.i386.rpm
93f6ffeb3997ee63ccc8edb60c1d3b4c 7.2/en/os/i386/Omni-foomatic-0.5.0-4.i386.rpm
36dabdc01cae9f01f6b31ebc9d3c786e 7.2/en/os/i386/foomatic-1.1-0.20011018.3.i386.rpm
9ee8a1d12bbbe8e571262583bceb1dfa 7.2/en/os/i386/ghostscript-6.51-16.i386.rpm
66f6a934d31cd78ac7b51c3b2dc5e168 7.2/en/os/i386/printconf-0.3.52-1.i386.rpm
36562b52000f29159ac5f46f9afc1d80 7.2/en/os/i386/printconf-gui-0.3.52-1.i386.rpm

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat, Inc. for security.  Our key
is available at:

You can verify each package with the following command:
    rpm --checksig  filename

If you only wish to verify that each package has not been corrupted or
tampered with, examine only the md5sum with the following command:
    rpm --checksig --nogpg filename

8. References:

Copyright(c) 2000, 2001 Red Hat, Inc.