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LWN.net: The Linux Virus Writing HOWTO

Mar 14, 2002, 15:59 (22 Talkback[s])

From the Linux Virus Writing HOWTO:

"An astonishing number of people think that viruses require secret black magic. Here you will find simple code that patches other executables. But since regular users can't overwrite system files (we are talking about serious operating systems here) that is not even half the journey. To make any impact you need root permissions. Either by tricking the super user to run your virus, or combining it with a root-exploit. And since all popular distributions come with checksum mechanisms, a single command can detect any modification. Unless you implement kernel-level stealth functionality?

"I do believe that free software is superior, at least in regard to security. And I strongly oppose the argument that Linux viruses will flourish once it reaches a critical mass of popularity. On the contrary I question the credibility of people whose income relies on widespread use of ridiculously insecure operating systems.

"This document is my way to fight the FUD. Use the information presented here in any way you like. I bet that Linux will only grow stronger..."

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