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SOT Linux 2003 Advisory: openssh

Jul 30, 2003, 14:58 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to SOT Linux Security Team for this link. ]

SOT Linux Security Advisory

Subject: Updated openssh package for SOT Linux 2003
Advisory ID: SLSA-2003:30
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Product: SOT Linux 2003

1. Problem description

OpenSSH is a suite of network connectivity tools that can be used to establish encrypted connections between systems on a network and can provide interactive login sessions and port forwarding, among other functions.

When configured to allow password-based or challenge-response authentication, sshd (the OpenSSH server) uses PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) to verify the user's password. Under certain conditions, OpenSSH versions prior to 3.6.1p1 reject an invalid authentication attempt without first attempting authentication using PAM.

If PAM is configured with its default failure delay, the amount of time sshd takes to reject an invalid authentication request varies widely enough that the timing variations could be used to deduce whether or not an account with a specified name existed on the server. This information could then be used to narrow the focus of an attack against some other system component.

These updates contain backported fixes that cause sshd to always attempt PAM authentication when performing password and challenge-response authentication for clients.

2. Updated packages

SOT Linux 2003 Desktop:


SRPMS: ftp://ftp.sot.com/updates/2003/Desktop/SRPMS/openssh-3.1p1-8.src.rpm

SOT Linux 2003 Server:


SRPMS: ftp://ftp.sot.com/updates/2003/Server/SRPMS/openssh-3.1p1-8.src.rpm

3. Upgrading package

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevant to your system have been applied.

Use up2date to automatically upgrade the fixed packages.

If you want to upgrade manually, download the updated package from the SOT Linux FTP site (use the links above) or from one of our mirrors. The list of mirrors can be obtained at www.sot.com/en/linux

Update the package with the following command: rpm -Uvh <filename>

4. Verification

All packages are PGP signed by SOT for security.

You can verify each package with the following command: rpm --checksig <filename>

If you wish to verify the integrity of the downloaded package, run "md5sum <filename>" and compare the output with data given below.

Package Name MD5 sum

/Desktop/i386/openssh-3.1p1-8.i386.rpm 528261a6b209ddf33f97416bc48233e2
/Desktop/i386/openssh-clients-3.1p1-8.i386.rpm 7ce56a216741f0eb653ccac06f8373fe
/Desktop/i386/openssh-server-3.1p1-8.i386.rpm 4af79a74ef3d28a0f76bec6c15463eab
/Desktop/SRPMS/openssh-3.1p1-8.src.rpm f62ffc55c8c3e545afe1a4f4a0f6c25b
/Server/i386/openssh-3.1p1-8.i386.rpm 528261a6b209ddf33f97416bc48233e2
/Server/i386/openssh-clients-3.1p1-8.i386.rpm 7ce56a216741f0eb653ccac06f8373fe
/Server/i386/openssh-server-3.1p1-8.i386.rpm 4af79a74ef3d28a0f76bec6c15463eab
/Server/SRPMS/openssh-3.1p1-8.src.rpm f62ffc55c8c3e545afe1a4f4a0f6c25b

5. References


Copyright(c) 2001-2003 SOT

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