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Gentoo Linux Advisory: tla

Jun 03, 2004, 13:44 (0 Talkback[s])

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory [ERRATA UPDATE] GLSA 200405-25:02

Severity: Normal
Title: tla: Multiple vulnerabilities in included libneon
Date: June 2, 2004
Bugs: #51586
ID: 200405-25:02


The fixed ebuild proposed in the original version of this Security Advisory did not address all the vulnerabilities of the tla package. All users of the tla package should upgrade to dev-util/tla-1.2-r2. The corrected sections appear below.

Affected packages

Package Vulnerable Unaffected
1 dev-util/tla <= 1.2-r1 >= 1.2-r2
dev-util/tla == 1.2.1_pre1 >= 1.2-r2


Multiple format string vulnerabilities and a heap overflow vulnerability were discovered in the code of the neon library (GLSA 200405-01 and 200405-13). Current versions of the tla package include their own version of this library.


All users of tla should upgrade to the latest stable version:

    # emerge sync
    # emerge -pv ">=dev-util/tla-1.2-r2"
    # emerge ">=dev-util/tla-1.2-r2"


This GLSA and any updates to it are available for viewing at the Gentoo Security Website:


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