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Update: Ubuntu Servers Shut Down for Attacking Others

Aug 16, 2007, 19:30 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Nick Farrell)

"Maker of the Open Sauce Ubuntu software, Canonical had to shut down five of the eight of its servers after receiving reports that they were attacking other servers.

"Knowing that there is nothing worse than a bunch of chavish Linux servers looking for a rumble, or goading Windows computers with calls of, 'Come and have a go, if you're hard enough,' Canonical decided to pull the plug..."

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[Editor's Note: This afternoon, I received this statement from Gerry Carr, Director of Marketing for Canonical. -BKP]

"The first thing to say is that this is not a problem with our production servers. These are the loco servers that we pay for but that do not sit in our data centre. To be clear the security in our data centre was in no way compromised by these attacks. Any imputation, and there has been some, that this episode has or had any bearing or on our enterprise readiness or the Ubuntu downloads is so completely wide of the mark as to miss the point entirely. It has nothing to do with downloaded copies of Ubuntu; it is separate servers on a separate network in a separate location.

"So if that's clear let's put our hands up and say that these servers have been poorly managed. In a project like Ubuntu there are lots of areas where responsibilities fall between Canonical and the community. Most of the time that is just as it should be. Server management is maybe not one of them. As we are transparent in the way we do everything, we've outlined what we are going to do; either the loco servers come into our data centre and are subject to our standard, rigorous security and management. Or they sit completely outside of it and are run by the community."

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