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Security Linux News for Sep 14, 1999

  • Wired: IBM Set to 'Cause Sun Pain' (Sep 14, 1999, 23:14)
    " 'There is likely to be a lot of pressure on Sun for the next several months'..."

  • CNET IE 5 bug leaves computers open to invasion (Sep 14, 1999, 21:47)
    "...IE 5's ImportExportFavorites feature... lets a malicious Web site operator run executable code..."

  • BW: TrustWorks...Launching Security Open Source Code at Networld+Interop Conference (Sep 14, 1999, 15:14)
    "TrustWorks' Security Open Source (SOS) initiative is being launched to support the efforts of various standards groups including the IEEE and the IETF in improving the interoperability of various network security technologies."

  • LinuxPR: Spanco Inc. Migrates to Linux (Sep 14, 1999, 14:06)
    "LinuxForce Inc. has completed the design, construction and installation of a high-end file server as the first step in the migration of Spanco to Linux-powered computing systems to support their world-wide operations."

  • Log: Is the Oval Office going open source (Sep 14, 1999, 13:59)
    "As open-source evangelist Eric Raymond is wont to argue, open-source software -- software programs in which the underlying code is made freely available to the general public -- is simply better, and the free market will eventually recognize that fact to the detriment of proprietary software companies."