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Security Linux News for Sep 22, 1999

  • PC Week: Novell mulls NDS giveaway scheme (Sep 22, 1999, 20:22)
    "Novell Inc. is seriously considering giving away NDS in an effort to spur adoption of directory-enabled applications and to counter the free directory in... Windows 2000."

  • TechRepublic: IP Masquerading's your friend, but don't trust it alone (Sep 22, 1999, 16:51)
    "It only takes a little tinkering with a few scripts to get your small network up and running online with only a single IP address."

  • ext2: E-Mail Security: GnuPG or PGP? (Sep 22, 1999, 14:47)
    "Email is the original "killer app" for the net. It doesn't cost anything over having your net access and as a way to communicate, it can't be beat. Everyone's doing it."

  • Security Portal: Kurt's Closet: GnuPG and freedom (Sep 22, 1999, 05:13)
    "As you may or may not have heard, GnuPG 1.0 has been released. If you haven't heard, GnuPG is a GPL'ed cryptographic program that uses no patented algorithms, and happens to be perfectly compatible with PGP."