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Security Linux News for Sep 28, 1999

  • PRNewswire: StarBase Announces License Agreement with OpenAvenue (Sep 28, 1999, 19:17)
    "Under the terms of the licensing agreement StarBase will provide its acclaimed StarTeam software to OpenAvenue for deployment as the key structural technology within OpenAvenue's comprehensive open-source portal to the software development community."

  • PC Week: PC Week Labs' site gets hacks-and flak (Sep 28, 1999, 18:21)
    "As this story went to press, it appeared that a hacker had found an exploit in the permissions structure of the Common Gateway Interface scripts running on the Linux box. This appears to be a good hack."

  • ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch -- In search of a really suite deal (Sep 28, 1999, 18:15)
    "Point is, Sun's thin-client model is not universally Good. But it's not universally Bad. By the same token, Microsoft's thick-client model won't fly or fall for everyone either. Both approaches have their advantages and their downsides."

  • PRNewswire: VA Linux Systems Launches Professional Services Group (Sep 28, 1999, 15:09)
    "VA Linux Systems' Professional Services Group will offer its Linux expertise in five areas: architecture and planning; deployment and installation; systems integration (including open source product implementation); performance analysis; and security consulting."

  • BW: Global Effort Solves Elliptic Curve Crypto Challenge... (Sep 28, 1999, 15:00)
    "The "ECC2-97 problem" involved a set of nearly 10 to the 29th points on an elliptic curve chosen by Certicom. The participants attacked ECC2-97 by calculating 119,248,522,782,547 (well over 10 to the 14th) of the points using open-source software developed by Mr. Harley."

  • PRNewswire: PrivacyX.Com Goes Global With OpenSource Anonymous Browsing Project (Sep 28, 1999, 14:55)
    "PrivacyX.Com is offering to the Internet community a tool that will assist them in retaining control of the privacy that is being chipped away on the Internet."

  • mutt-1.0pre3 released - fixes security problem (Sep 28, 1999, 14:46)
    "The reason for immediately releasing this version is a buffer overflow in the text/enriched handler which can be triggered by means of suitably-formatted e-mail messages."

  • Linux-Mandrake posts updated Gnomehack (Sep 28, 1999, 14:25)
    "An exploit (buffer overflow attack) has been found in the Gnomehack package."

  • Linux GNOME exploit (Sep 28, 1999, 14:21)
    "Virtually any program using the GNOME libraries is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack."

  • ext2: libNids and NIDS (Sep 28, 1999, 04:30)
    "libNids's ability to defrag IP packets and build up TCP streams means that it isn't just useful for building NIDS. Having a window showing you what is going down the network can be a godsend when you have to debug some network enabled app or reverse engineer some protocol."

  • LinuxPR: Motorola...Group's SLX Series Network Appliance Passes KeyLabs Linux Compatibility Tests (Sep 28, 1999, 00:23)
    "Linux-Tested" is an open test program that affords both hardware vendors and IT departments the opportunity to test and verify hardware compatibility across multiple Linux distributions."