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Security Linux News for Sep 29, 1999

  • LinuxPR: Announcing web portal (Sep 29, 1999, 22:42)
    " - "LNC"...aims to introduce the public to the new OS, and guide them through the various aspects of the system from the many situations in which Linux can be used - both in the server and desktop environments."

  • CNN: Don't blame Back Orifice for security problems (Sep 29, 1999, 21:41)
    "In Unix, an attacker would first have to get root privileges. Not in Windows. There's no such thing as limited privileges or administrator privileges or root privileges. This might have made some sense in the age of isolated desktop computers. But on the Internet, this is absurd."

  • CNET Does Microsoft fear rising tech stocks? (Sep 29, 1999, 17:03)
    "...the boom has made it harder for Microsoft to match its upstart competitors in deal-making and is causing the company to lose some of its best talent to 'dot.coms.' "

  • ZDNet: Windows 2000 Reality Check (Sep 29, 1999, 16:24)
    "Microsoft told us the next version of Windows NT would be the Mother of All Operating Systems: Robust, stable, easier to use. ... When Win2000 appears, it will be a compromise, with many promised features still missing."

  • Security Portal: DNS Security - closing the b(l)inds (Sep 29, 1999, 14:08)
    "However many DNS servers, and the information they provide, are woefully unprotected. Bind 8.x provides several facilities to control access to your DNS servers."

  • Crossroads: Introduction to Linux Networking and Security (Sep 29, 1999, 05:43)
    "People often ask, "How secure is my machine?" The answer is that any publicly accessible machine is necessarily insecure and vulnerable to security problems."