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Security Linux News for Nov 03, 1999

  • An Interview with Paul Vixie (Nov 03, 1999, 17:29)
    "Your browser found this site in no small part through the efforts of Paul Vixie. Vixie is the head architect of BIND, the most popular implementation of DNS. He's also president and founder of the Internet Software Consortium, the home of BIND, INN, and the DHCP server."

  • Security Portal: Kurt's Closet: Protecting yourself from your software (Nov 03, 1999, 06:23)
    "Now we get to one of the more nasty problems. Buffer overflows are very common, and can be used to gain root access remotely in many cases via network services (which run with elevated privileges due to the need to access ports <1024). Recently Wu-FTPD and ProFTPD suffered a number of overflows that would result in root level access on the compromised machine."