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Security Linux News for Feb 23, 2000

  • BW: MEDIA ALERT: TROJ_TRINOO is the Latest 'In the Wild' Addition of Malicious Agents (2000-02-23 18:58:31)
    "...can function in a Windows environment and can also be sent by email like other viruses and Trojans. ...more dangerous than the recent spate of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack agents that could only function in Unix or Linux environments."

  • VNUnet: Novell retreats from OS war to regroup on the net (2000-02-23 03:34:33)
    "Network vendor Novell stepped out of the server operating system ring last week and left Microsoft's Windows 2000 fighting versions of Unix and Linux."

  • Upside: DoS a Crime of the Information Age (2000-02-23 03:20:25)
    "While we can equate more traditional hacking to the ancient doctrines of trespass, theft or vandalism, the real-world parallels of DoS are simply not illegal. ...the 1996 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act... was forward-looking enough to cover even denial-of-service."

  • sendmail.net: New ActiveX Privacy Hole (2000-02-23 01:58:44)
    " 'The real issue is not that anybody can install IE components,' adds Juan Carlos Garcia Cuartango, the discoverer of the problem. 'The issue is that Microsoft can execute arbitrary code in our systems just by signing it. Microsoft has a software backdoor in the systems of all users of IE and Outlook.' "

  • ZDNet: Web attacks: Are ISPs doing enough? (2000-02-23 00:28:10)
    "...while high-speed Internet providers are intent on making their networks secure, they frequently overlook the security of their customers..."

  • PRNewswire: Reliable Software Technologies' Free Security Scanning Tool Addresses Hacking Concerns (2000-02-23 00:23:48)
    "First to provide a solution that proactively prevents hacker attacks on computer and Internet software, Reliable Software Technologies (RST) today announced a free, open source software tool that automatically identifies over 130 of the most common security problems during the software development and auditing process."

  • IDG.net: Poor architecture let Web attacks succeed, CA says (2000-02-23 00:17:16)
    "Systems that are set up to have a single point of entry have no chance of fending off coordinated attacks like those that disabled Web sites belonging to Amazon.com, eBay and others..."