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Security Linux News for Mar 26, 2000

  • InfoWorld: One year after Melissa, IT outsources security attack watch (2000-03-26 20:50:15)
    "...'it's unrealistic to think end-users today are going to be able to keep up with all the threats and vulnerabilities that can occur at their perimeter. Managed services is the only way they can deal with it'..."

  • LinuxMonth: Designing Mason [firewall] Rulesets for Multiple Machines (2000-03-26 16:57:02)
    "Earlier this month, Mason was introduced to you, giving you the ability to produce a packet filtering firewall. With the help of that article, you were able to begin securing your machine while allowing everyone who uses it to be able to do what they need to do. Now let's see if we can't make it so that you do not have to take as long to do this task on another machine with the same or even one with a little different needs."

  • Reuters: Welsh hacker suspects "knew Bill Gates' credit details" (2000-03-26 16:36:27)
    "Gray and his accomplice allegedly e-mailed credit card details, including those of Gates, to NBCi, a subsidiary of the NBC broadcasting group, the Telegraph said."

  • Daemon News: Building an ATM Firewall with BSD (2000-03-26 16:28:46)
    "After a couple of unsuccessful crack attempts (and a couple of partially successful ones) we were able to justify a firewall. This in itself was an achievement. However, even at the best of times, the world of UK academia moves at a snail's pace and I for one wanted something in place very quickly."