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Security Linux News for Apr 13, 2000

  • PC World: Net Attacks Can Spread Beyond PCs (Apr 13, 2000, 21:00)
    ""Bringing Web searches and book orders to a screeching halt might not have brought Western civilization to a standstill. But what if the attacks caused home heating systems to fail or burglar alarms to ring? Or, worse yet, if they were aimed at "911" switchboards?"

  • CNN/IDG: Neoware debuts thin version of Linux (Apr 13, 2000, 19:24)
    "What makes NeoLinux valuable is the ability to save on licensing fees when compared with Windows, and the customizability that comes with being an open source operating system."

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: New gpm packages available (Apr 13, 2000, 18:58)
    "The current gpm-root program fails to correctly give up the group id 0 membership for user defined menus. If you are running gpm-root on your system then you are at risk."

  • Salon: Twilight of the crypto-geeks (Apr 13, 2000, 18:20)
    "It was as if some tipping point had been reached, in which a critical mass of people involved in technology had suddenly looked up and found themselves to be older, grown-up, and in need of social supports -- grown-up like the Net itself."

  • PRNewswire: U.S. Grants eSoft Right to Export Strong Cryptography in Firewall and VPN Products (Apr 13, 2000, 17:23)
    "With this development, international customers are now able to securely manage their Interceptor and InstaGate appliances and set up virtual private networks using the same encryption strength (up to 168 bit keys) that was previously available only to customers in the United States and Canada. International customers were previously limited to encryption based on 56 bit keys."