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Security Linux News for May 08, 2000

  • BW: Network ICE Offers First Intrusion Detection System for Linux (May 08, 2000, 23:40)
    "By adding support to the Linux platform, we give our customers increased protection against attacks on their network and more flexibility in the number and type of systems defended by BlackICE agents."

  • Secure Remote Access With SSH (May 08, 2000, 23:01)
    "The secure shell protocol (SSH) is one way to provide remote access without giving your information to anyone who might be watching."

  • Firewalls For Home Users Are Essential - Secure Your Castle's Cyberperimeter (May 08, 2000, 22:55)
    "The Netwinder is a Linux appliance; it runs a customized distribution of Red Hat Linux 6.1 on its StrongARM RISC chip, and has a pretty useful Web-based administration GUI that, among other things, lets you configure the firewall ruleset."

  • VNU Net: Love Bug suspect is detained (May 08, 2000, 21:55)
    "The FBI and Interpol helped track the virus to the Philippines through a tangled electronic web of evidence that has thrown up several contradictory leads."

  • CNET "Love" virus suspect arrested (May 08, 2000, 21:27)
    "Philippine investigators today arrested a man suspected of being linked to the "I Love You" computer virus after raiding his apartment and finding computer equipment."

  • Introduction To Authentication (May 08, 2000, 18:05)
    "In this feature, David Corcoran, founder of the Linux SmartCard Project, describes Unix passwords, their insecurities, RSA, and using RSA PAM authentication and possible attacks."

  • SecurityFocus: Building a Linux Bunker: Basic Firewalling (May 08, 2000, 17:40)
    "This article presents a way to convert any spare machine you have into a useful security gateway for your network, utilizing Network Address Translation (NAT), and the firewalling features present in Linux."

  • The Register: US urges stiffer penalties for Net crimes (May 08, 2000, 13:07)
    "The Commission has generated numerous recommendations and guidances related to Net crime in the past two years, though interestingly, the Commissioners seem to have consulted exclusively with 'industry representatives' possessing clear vested interests in devising these schemes."

  • Linux Security Week -- May 8 (May 08, 2000, 12:41)
    "Once again, last week's headlines were inundated with security-related articles. Most of the stories appearing in newspapers and on the television covered the 'ILOVEYOU' virus/worm speculation."

  • Standardize and be Damned (May 08, 2000, 11:44)
    "Standards are a Active Visual Good Thing++ (tm) (C) (pat pending) (maybe I need to stop browsing Microsoft's site?) in general. But not necessarily in computers. Heretical? Maybe. Crazy? Definitely. Read on."